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Astilbe (Falsa Espíria)

Astilbe (Falsa Espíria)
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Colour your shady part of the garden with these showy flowers in summer. Astilbe flowers are perennial and can thrive in places other perennial flowers cannot. Some astilbe flower species have a sweet fragrance and easily attract butterflies to your garden.

Astilbe plants are hardy and create thick foliage. Although these plants do well in shady areas, it is generous to expose them to an hour or two of sunlight per day. Astilbes adapt to different types of soil too.

When to Plant Astilbe

So, when to plant astilbe? Astilbes cannot germinate when frosted. Ideally, you should grow them during spring, so they can produce nicely thick foliage. As the summer approaches, the flowers start showing, and eventually, your shady garden fills with tiny flowers that resemble feathers.

Depending on the variety, your garden can have white, purple, pink, and red colour shades.

How to Plant Astilbe

Astilbes do not have a complicated planting method. They can be planted by new gardeners too and perform well. But, this is how to plant astilbe:

  • Look for large astilbe for sale for your project;
  • Dig 4-6 inch holes that are wide enough for your bulbs;
  • Bury your astilbe bulbs with the cut end up;
  • Water, remove weed and add fertilizer as needed.

Astilbe Plant Care

If you want your garden to bloom with these flowers, you should pay special attention to astilbe plant care. Astilbes need proper care to keep them blooming. Once the flowers start drying, pluck them and remove the yellowing leaves too. If your plants become too clumpy, divide them to allow more growth and healthy flowers. 

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