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Freesia Flowers

Freesia flowers are truly heavenly when they bloom in their striking colours. They make excellent bouquets, and theirFreesia Flowers Plants conical shapes make your flower vase irresistible to the eye.

The Freesia plant originates from South Africa and belongs to the family of Iridaceae. The flowering plant is a herbaceous perennial and produces a sweet fragrance. If you love decorating with colours, you can never run out of options as the plant has flowers with numerous colours. Some commonly available types of freesia flowers are:

F. Laxa

These are commonly grown in the garden for decorative purposes. They come from the Anomatheka genus, and unlike other freesia flowers, these have a flat shape.

Hybridized Freesia

They are the most common, and their trumpet shapes make them unique and long-lasting when used as cut flowers. Hybridized freesia can either be single or double flowering. Their colour array is impressive and also has some varieties coming with several colour blends.

When to Plant Freesia Bulbs

You may wonder when to plant freesia bulbs? Proper timing for planting freesia bulbs is crucial to ensure a timely bloom of your flowers. So, before looking for freesia bulbs for sale in flower stores, consider when you want to have your flowers. You can have them bloom in mid-spring, early or mid-summer. If you want it as an in-house flower, it means you want to colour and scent your house the whole year.

Freesia Plant Care

Freesias are not high maintenance plants as they are not susceptible to pest and disease attacks. They are deer and rabbit resistant.

Freesia plant care is all about the growing conditions you expose it to. You need a bulb fertilizer to provide nutrients to the plant. The planting garden or pot should be well watered and should have soil with exceptional drainage.

How to Plant Freesia Bulbs

You can use freesia flower colours to adorn your garden or your patio when you plant the flowers in a flower jar orFreesia Bulbs for Sale basket. Since they grow in clusters, planting them in approximately 7 and more when you have a limited gardening space helps you create a priceless appearance to your patio. Here is how to plant freesia bulbs:

  • Ensure you are in an ideal planting zone for the bulbs (ideally zone 9-10);
  • Dig 2-inch deep holes for planting your bulbs and mix the soil with your fertilizer;
  • Plant your bulbs 4 inches apart with the open end looking up;
  • Bury the bulbs and water them regularly.

If you do not like planting your bulbs from the start, you can look for freesia plants for sale. They are often available as potted plants, and you can choose to transfer them to your garden or continue growing them in the pot.

Once you are done planting, the next thing is the freesia flower care. The aftercare determines the survival of your freesia plants and the quality of flowers you get. One of the most significant ways to care for your planted bulbs is watering. Additionally, when the plant’s leaves start yellowing, remove them, and cut withering and dying flowers. It helps in prolonging the blooming period.

Where Can I Buy Freesia Flowers?

After learning about this adorable plant, you are probably wondering where can I buy freesia flowers? There are various places you can walk in and get freesia flowers, but we ensure we are a stand out supplier. Our inexhaustible list of freesia flower bulbs is worth looking into, with each variety offering you value for your money and gardening time.

Get healthy freesia flower seeds from us, and we give you a quality guarantee. Our seeds are carefully selected and stored to ensure you get the results you hope for.