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Dicentra (Coração Sangrento)

Dicentra (Coração Sangrento)
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Dicentra plant is perennial, and its flower is also called the bleeding heart. These flowers have a heart shape and are native to North America and eastern Asia. Additionally, they are rhizomatous and are suitable for planting in hardiness zones 3-9.

If you are looking for flowers with an incredibly long flowering season, these are your best deal. Color your spring, summer, and fall with dicentra. They bloom throughout these seasons, but they become small and less showy in the mid-summer when the sun is too hot. However, if you plant them under a shade, partial or full, they can continue providing undisrupted elegance to your garden. Make sure they are well watered to avoid withering.

Dicentra flowers come in different species that include:

Dicentra Spectabilis

It is an indigenous form of this plant that grows approximately 2-3 ft tall. This species is native to eastern Asia and grows slightly bending. Its flowers come with hues of red, pink, and white. When you plant these in your flower borders, you can enjoy having a striking bloom for 4-6 weeks from late spring to mid-summer.

Hybrid Spectabilis

It is an improved species of indigenous dicentra. Hybrid spectabilis is native to North America and grows upright to a height of 10-15 inches. Unlike dicentra spectabilis, this species blooms for longer periods, mid-late spring to early fall. If you do not want to remain with a bare garden during full sun, look for this species of dicentra for sale and enjoy having a decorative outdoor space.

How to Care for Dicentra Plants

Caring for dicentra plants is fun and easy. It begins at the planting stage. Dicentra bulbs come in different sizes. For bountiful produce, sow them according to size. That is, smaller bulbs should be planted in pots while the larger ones are ideal for growing in the garden.

Choose an excellent planting position in your compound to give the plant the best-growing environment. Consider adding nitrous fertilizer once in a while to have fuller foliage.  Although these flowers can thrive in full sun, it is best to plant them in cooler places such as under the shade to be bountiful throughout the season.

Our store takes care of new gardeners by providing growing and caring instructions for these magnificent flowers. If you are not decided about the variety that can perform well in your area, we are happy to take you through each of them depending on your zone’s hardiness.

Where to Buy Dicentra

Get quality seed pods from us today from our online store and enjoy our warm and welcoming customer support. Our seeds are free from diseases and infections, ensuring you have healthy plants and that you do not introduce pathogens to your soil.

We deliver throughout Europe, so you do not have to worry about lack of time to come and pick your seeds. However, if you have scheduled to plant your bulbs in a specific period, order early enough to ensure you receive your bulbs on time. Our delivery is done by trusted professionals to ensure you receive your order in good condition and enjoy growing your flowers without interference.

Buy seedpods of your desired size, depending on where you plan to plant them. We do not limit the number of seeds to buy, but we have enough to help you fill your garden for small and large scale gardening.

Do you desire to have a beautiful bed of bleeding hearts in your compound? Get relevant tips for planting and caring from our shop. Our product supply is totally reliable, and we understand the importance of having the right size of flowers in your patio or garden.