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Why to Plant Double Amaryllis Bulbs?

Amaryllis flower (don't confuse it with a hippeastrum) is one of the most beautiful flowering houseplants. It's a perennial bulbous plant belonging to the Amaryllis family. Double representatives of the Amaryllis plants have voluminous flowers. If you want to have a plant with unusual, large flowers, plant double Amaryllis bulbs. 

Double Amaryllis Description

Double Amaryllis attracts the flower-growers with the large, double flowers of unusual colors. The petals are oblong-oval with rounded tips. The number of flowers on the peduncle is usually 2-3. The flowers are large – up to 25-30 cm in diameter. The peduncle is strong, tubular. The leaves are dark green. The bulb usually produces two peduncles. The height of the plant is about 40-50 cm. The plants bloom in mid-late winter (usually 6-7 weeks after planting). For the best effect, plant three bulbs at once in one container. The plants don't require special care.

What Are the Best Double Flowering Amaryllis Bulbs Varieties?

The following best double flowering Amaryllis bulbs varieties can be distinguished:

  • Amaryllis Double Dragon;
  • Amaryllis Double Record;
  • Amaryllis Elvas.

Double Amaryllis plants will become an integral element of the interior. They are especially good in combination with Christmas accessories.

Where to Find Double Amaryllis Bulbs for Sale?

The double Amaryllis bulbs for sale can be found at the online stores.  To buy double Amaryllis bulbs of a high quality, you need to find a reliable store. Our online store offers the best flower bulbs at affordable prices. To make an order is simple – just visit the official site of our store.  Here you can find a lot of qualitative products. We help you to grow the most beautiful flowers in your garden and at your window sill.