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    Lilium Trumpet MIX
    Artikelnr.: 1104100
    Lilie (Lilium) Trumpet Collection
    15 bulbs pro Verpackung
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    Lilium Regale Album
    Artikelnr.: 1104063
    Lilie (Lilium) Regale Album
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
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    Lilium Regale
    Artikelnr.: 1104062
    Lilie (Lilium) Regale
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,95 €4,70
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    Lilium Golden Splendor
    Artikelnr.: 1104031
    Lilie (Lilium) Golden Splendor
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
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    Lilium African Queen
    Artikelnr.: 1104001
    Lilie (Lilium) African Queen
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
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    Lilium Yellow Planet
    Artikelnr.: 1104104
    Lilie (Lilium) Yellow Planet
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
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    Lilium White Planet
    Artikelnr.: 1104101
    Lilie (Lilium) White Planet
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
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    Lilium Pink Planet
    Artikelnr.: 1104095
    Lilie (Lilium) Pink Planet
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
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    Lilium Orange Planet
    Artikelnr.: 1104092
    Lilie (Lilium) Orange Planet
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
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Trumpet Lily Bulbs for Your Garden

Lily has long been considered a symbol of purity, kindness, and feminine beauty. Trumpet lilies are the most common type that can enliven a luxurious landscape and a small flower bed in the country. Trumpet lily bulbs are very popular among gardeners because they are easy to care for.

Trumpet Lilies Description

Perennial trumpet lilies were created on the basis of hybrids of Asian varieties. They have elongated flowers of different shades and shortened stems. Flowers can be either paired or single. A distinctive feature of the variety is large flowers that can be directed in all directions. The trumpet lily flower can reach 18 centimeters. The flowering period of these plants is the second half of summer.  Trumpet lilies planting and growing is not a complicated process. Moreover, the plant can easily tolerate weather conditions, and it is pests and disease resistant.

What Are the Best Trumpet Lilium Bulbs Varieties?

The following lilies are among the best trumpet lilium bulbs varieties:

White trumpet lilies - white flowers have the most hybrid varieties. These lilies are known for their abundant flowering and wonderful aroma.

  • White American
  • Lilium Regale
  • White Planet

Pink trumpet lilies serve as a garden decoration from mid-summer to late autumn.

  • Pink Perfection

Where to Find Trumpet Lilies Bulbs for Sale?

Nowadays, there exist hundreds of online stores that provide trumpet lilies bulbs for sale. But how can a person find a reliable store? Our online store offers only the qualitative bulbs and seeds. Ordering from us, you will get the best products at moderate prices. It’s not difficult to buy trumpet lilies from our online store. Just visit our site, choose the products, and make an order. We will help you to create the garden of your dream!