Orientalische Lilien Zwiebeln

Orientalische Lilien Zwiebeln
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    Lilium Star Gazer
    Artikelnr.: 1104068
    Lilie (Lilium) Star Gazer
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,45 €4,23
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    Lilium Oriental Mix
    Artikelnr.: 1104052
    Lilie (Lilium) Oriental Kollektion
    15 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €14,95 €14,20
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    Lilium Muscadet
    Artikelnr.: 1104045
    Lilie (Lilium) Muscadet
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €5,45 €5,18
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    Lilium Hachi
    Artikelnr.: 1104033
    Lilie (Lilium) Hachi
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,45 €4,23
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    Lilium Garden Party
    Artikelnr.: 1104030
    Lilie (Lilium) Garden Party
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €5,45 €5,18
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    Lilium Foxtrot
    Artikelnr.: 1104028
    Lilie (Lilium) Foxtrot
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,45 €4,23
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    Lilium Casa Blanca
    Artikelnr.: 1104014
    Lilie (Lilium) Casa Blanca
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,55 €4,32
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    Lilium Brasilia
    Artikelnr.: 1104012
    Lilie (Lilium) Brasilia
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,55 €4,32
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    Lilium Baferrari
    Artikelnr.: 1104007
    Lilie (Lilium) Baferrari
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,55 €4,32
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Oriental Lily Bulbs for Your Garden

Oriental lilies are undoubtedly one of the most luxurious and aristocratic types of lilies. Their extremely beautiful, large, majestic, and fragrant flowers delight us in the second half of summer. Oriental liliums create a unique luxury and envelop the garden with a heady aroma. Any flower grower can plant oriental lilies bulbs and create a colorful rainbow in the garden.

Oriental Lilies Description

Oriental lilies can be of different heights, including low-growing (30-50 cm). The flowers of most varieties are very large, in the form of stars. They reach twenty-five centimeters in diameter. Flowers can have pink, crimson, white colors. Some varieties have a contrasting yellow stripe in the center of the petal.

Planting and caring for the lilies is not difficult. The best time for the lilies bulbs planting is August and September.

What Are the Best Oriental Lily Bulbs varieties?

Stargazer lilies are one of the best oriental lily bulbs varieties. This lily has large, spectacular flowers of bright colors. The size of the flower is 15 cm in diameter. The flowers appear in midsummer. Each peduncle produces 4-12 flowers. Stargazer lilies have a strong, pleasant aroma.

You can plant white oriental lilies together with pink oriental lilies to make your garden even more beautiful.

Where to Find Oriental Lilies Bulbs for Sale?

Growing lilies is a fascinating process. But where can a person find oriental lilies bulbs for sale? Nowadays, there are plenty of online stores where you can buy oriental liliums. The most important thing is to choose a reliable store that provides great products.  Our online store offers the best bulbs of a high quality. Moreover, you can get qualitative products at affordable prices at our store.