Zwerg- und Topf-Lilien Zwiebeln

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    Lilium Pot Asiatic MIX
    Artikelnr.: 1104096
    Lilie (Lilium) Pot/Border Asiatic Collection
    15 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €14,95 €14,20
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    Lilium Muscadet
    Artikelnr.: 1104045
    Lilie (Lilium) Muscadet
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €5,45 €5,18
  3. -5%
    Lilium Happy Memories
    Artikelnr.: 1104034
    Lilie (Lilium) Happy Memories
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,45 €4,23
  4. -5%
    Lilium Garden Party
    Artikelnr.: 1104030
    Lilie (Lilium) Garden Party
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €5,45 €5,18
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    Lilium Foxtrot
    Artikelnr.: 1104028
    Lilie (Lilium) Foxtrot
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,45 €4,23
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    Lilium Abbevilles Pride
    Artikelnr.: 1104000
    Lilie (Lilium) Abbeville's Pride
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,45 €4,23
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    Lilium Inuvik
    Artikelnr.: 1104090
    Lilie (Lilium) Inuvik
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,95 €4,70
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    Lilium Cavoli
    Artikelnr.: 1104080
    Lilie (Lilium) Cavoli
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,95 €4,70
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Where to Plant Dwarf and Pot Lily Bulbs?

Dwarf and pot lily bulbs are ideal for growing in containers and flower pots. They also look great in the foreground in flower beds. All modern potted lilies are genetically low varieties.

Dwarf and Pot Lilies Description

Pixie lilies can be found the most often in the sale. They include more than 20 varieties of dwarf and pot lilies from the extremely unpretentious group "Asiatic hybrid". Low but strong stems have glossy narrow leaves and lush buds of bright flowers.

If you want to decorate your windowsill with flowers, plant a dwarf lily in a container and put it on your windowsill. It’s not difficult to care for these plants.

What are the Best Dwarf Lilium Bulbs Varieties?

These lilies are one of the best dwarf lilium bulbs varieties:

  • Crimson Pixie;
  • Matrix;
  • Mona Lisa.

The planting time of lilies depends on the desired flowering period. In autumn and winter, plant bulbs for early spring flowering, in spring - for summer flowering, and in summer and early autumn - for winter flowering.

Where to Find Dwarf Lilies Bulbs for Sale?

There are lots of dwarf lilies bulbs for sale at the online stores. Buy pot liliums only from the reliable stores.  Our online store offers the best lily bulbs to make your windowsill beautiful!