AOA Hybrid-Lilien Zwiebeln

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    Lilium AOA MIX
    Artikelnr.: 1104078
    Lilie (Lilium) AOA Kollektion
    15 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €17,95 €17,05
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    Lilium Viva la Vida
    Artikelnr.: 1104076
    Lilie (Lilium) Viva la Vida
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,95 €4,70
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    Lilium Sunset Boulevard
    Artikelnr.: 1104072
    Lilie (Lilium) Sunset Boulevard
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,95 €4,70
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    Lilium November Rain
    Artikelnr.: 1104049
    Lilie (Lilium) November Rain
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,95 €4,70
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    Lilium Hotel California
    Artikelnr.: 1104035
    Lilie (Lilium) Hotel California
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,45 €4,23
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    Lilium Fields of Gold
    Artikelnr.: 1104026
    Lilie (Lilium) Fields of Gold
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,95 €4,70
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    Lilium Child in Time
    Artikelnr.: 1104015
    Lilie (Lilium) Child in Time
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,95 €4,70
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    Lilium Avalon Sunset
    Artikelnr.: 1104006
    Lilie (Lilium) Avalon Sunset
    3 bulbs pro Verpackung
    €4,95 €4,70
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How Were AOA Lily Bulbs Obtained?

AOA hybrid is the latest step in the hybridization of lilies. OAO lily bulbs are obtained as a result of the multi-stage hybridization of Asian hybrids with Oriental ones. These lilies are characterized by large, wide-open flowers. They are unpretentious and frost-resistant. They combine the vitality of Asian lilies and the extraordinary beauty of Oriental varieties.

AOA Lilies Description

AOA lilies are similar to Asian lilies, but they are taller and larger. They also have characteristics of the Oriental lilies - a wide, almost flat shape of the flower. Nowadays, pink AOA lilies have started to appear. Still, these lilies have mostly a yellow-orange color scheme. They bloom in August.

What Are the Best AOA Lilium Bulbs Varieties?

These lilies are among the best AOA lilium bulbs varieties:

  • Fest Crown,
  • Fancy Crown,
  • Elegant Crown.

To make your garden look even more gorgeous, you can plant lily bulbs mix.

Where to Find AOA Lilies Bulbs for Sale?

You can find AOA lilies bulbs for sale at our online store.  Buy AOA liliums at our reliable store and create the garden of your dream!