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AOA Hybrid Lilies

AOA Hybrid Lilies

AOA Hybrid Lilies

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AOA Hybrid Lilies: The Perfect Addition to Your Garden

If you are looking for a stunning and fragrant flower to brighten up your garden, look no further than AOA hybrid lilies. These lilies are a cross between Asiatic and Oriental lilies, with some of the most desirable features of both. They have large, colorful, and sideways-facing flowers that attract pollinators and admirers alike. They are also easy to grow and care for, making them ideal for beginners and experts alike.

What are AOA Hybrid Lilies?

AOA hybrid lilies are a relatively new type of lily that was created by crossing Asiatic and Oriental lilies. The name AOA stands for Asiatic X Oriental backcrossed with another Asiatic. These lilies were originally developed for cutting, but they turned out to be more suitable for garden use because of their sideways-facing flowers and wide pedicels.

Understanding the Origins of AOA Hybrid Lilies

aoa lilies

Asiatic and Oriental lilies are two of the most popular and diverse lily groups in the world. Asiatic lilies are known for their wide range of colors, early blooming, and easy cultivation. Oriental lilies are known for their large, fragrant, and exotic-looking flowers that bloom later in the season. By crossing these two groups, breeders hoped to create an innovative type of lily that combined the finest qualities of both.

However, crossing Asiatic and Oriental lilies is not easy because they have different chromosome numbers. Asiatic lilies have 24 chromosomes, while Oriental lilies have 36 chromosomes. This means that their offspring are usually sterile and cannot produce seeds or pollen. To overcome this problem, breeders use a technique called colchicine treatment, which doubles one parents chromosome number. This way, both parents have 48 chromosomes and can produce fertile offspring.

The first successful cross between Asiatic and Oriental lilies was made in 1974 by Leslie Woodriff, an American breeder who created the famous Stargazer lily. Since then, many other breeders have followed his footsteps and created new varieties of AOA hybrid lilies with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Why Choose AOA Hybrid Lilies for Your Garden?

There are several reasons why you may want to choose AOA (Asiatic-Oriental-Australian) hybrid lilies for your garden:

Advantages of Growing AOA Hybrid Lilies

1. They bloom for longer than other lily varieties. You can appreciate AOA hybrid lilies flowers for a number of weeks because they bloom in the middle to late summer.

2. Compared to Asiatic and Oriental lilies, they have a stronger aroma. They are therefore perfect for those who prefer a delicate fragrance in their garden or are sensitive to strong odors.

3. Compared to Oriental lilies, they are more resistant to pests and illnesses. Viruses, insects, and fungi that harm other kinds of lilies are less likely to affect AOA hybrids.

4. They are more drought and humidity resistant than Oriental lilies. AOA hybrid lilies are more tolerant of hotter temperatures and lower water levels than other varieties of lilies.

5. They are more diverse than other lily varieties. White, yellow, pink, and scarlet are just a few of the many hues AOA hybrid lilies can be found in. Some blooms also feature bands, spots, or flames.

AOA Hybrid Lilies vs. Other Lily Varieties

While AOA hybrid lilies have many advantages over other types of lilies, they also have some drawbacks that you should know before planting them in your garden. Here are some differences between AOA hybrid lilies and other types of lilies:

They have less hardiness than Asiatic lilies. AOA hybrid lilies are hardy in zones 38, while Asiatic lilies are hardy in zones 210. This means that AOA hybrid lilies may not survive very cold winters or hot summers in some regions.

They have less height than Oriental lilies. AOA hybrid lilies grow to 90 to 100 cm, while Oriental lilies can reach up to 180 cm. This means that AOA hybrid lilies may not be as impressive as Oriental lilies in terms of size and stature.

Types of AOA Hybrid Lilies

There are several types of AOA (Asiatic-Oriental-Australian) hybrid lilies available in the market. Here are some of the popular ones:

Popular AOA Hybrid Lily Varieties

1. Avalon Sunset: The blooms of this type have a magnificent orange-yellow color with red flames and dark dots on the petals. The blooms have a lovely scent and grow enormous, measuring up to 18 cm in diameter.

2. Child in Time: The petals of this varietys beautiful pink blooms have black markings on them and white borders. The medium-sized, up to 15 cm in diameter, and lightly fragrant blossoms.

3. Hotel California boasts stunning reddish-orange blooms with golden borders and reflexed petals. The blooms are enormous and fragrant, measuring up to 18 cm in diameter.

4. November Rain: The elegant white flowers on this variety have pink edges and dark spots on the petals. The medium-sized, up to 15 cm in diameter, and lightly fragrant flowers.

5. Sunset Boulevard: The petals of this varietys stunning yellow flowers have dark spots and red flames. The flowers have a sweet scent and are large, measuring up to 18 cm in diameter.

6. Viva la Vida has gorgeous red-yellow flowers with green centers and reflexed petals. The flowers are large and fragrant, measuring up to 18 cm in diameter.

Unique Characteristics of AOA Hybrid Lilies

Apart from their beautiful colors and shapes, AOA hybrid lilies also have some unique features that make them stand out from other types of lilies. Some of these features are:

  • They have sideways-facing flowers that create a horizontal display of color in the garden. This also makes them easier to cut and arrange in vases.
  • They have wide pedicels that support the weight of the large flowers and prevent them from drooping or breaking.
  • They have sturdy stems that do not need staking or support. They can also withstand wind and rain better than other types of lilies.

Planting AOA Hybrid Lilies

Planting AOA hybrid lilies is not difficult if you follow some simple steps and guidelines. Here are some of the best practices for planting AOA hybrid lilies in your garden:

Best Practices for Planting AOA Hybrid Lilies

1. Choose a location that gets at least 6 hours of sun per day. AOA hybrid lilies need plenty of light to produce healthy and abundant blooms.

2. Prepare the soil by adding organic matter such as compost or manure. AOA hybrid lilies prefer well-drained soil that is rich in nutrients and slightly acidic.

3. Plant the bulbs in spring or fall, depending on your climate zone. AOA hybrid lilies can be planted as soon as the soil is workable in spring or about 6 weeks before the first frost in fall.

4. Dig a hole about 6 inches deep and place the bulb with the pointed end up. Cover the bulb with soil and water well. Space the bulbs about 12 to 15 inches apart.

5. Apply a layer of mulch around the bulbs to conserve moisture and prevent weeds. You can use organic materials such as straw, pine needles, or bark chips.

Sun and Soil Requirements for AOA Hybrid Lilies

aoa lilies

As mentioned earlier, AOA hybrid lilies need plenty of sun and well-drained soil to thrive. Here are some more details about their sun and soil requirements:

Sun: AOA hybrid lilies need at least 6 hours of sun per day, preferably morning sun and afternoon shade. Too much shade can cause weak stems and poor flowering. Too much sun can cause scorching or fading of the petals.

Soil: AOA hybrid lilies prefer well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter and slightly acidic (pH 5.5 to 6.5). They do not like heavy clay or soggy soil that can cause rotting or fungal diseases. They also do not like alkaline soil that can cause nutrient deficiencies

Caring for AOA Hybrid Lilies

Caring for AOA hybrid lilies is not difficult if you follow some simple steps and guidelines. Here are some of the best practices for caring for AOA hybrid lilies in your garden:

Watering, Fertilizing, and Pruning AOA Hybrid Lilies

  • Water your AOA hybrid lilies regularly, especially during dry spells. Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Avoid wetting the foliage or flowers to prevent fungal diseases.
  • Fertilize your AOA hybrid lilies once a month during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer (10-10-10). Apply the fertilizer according to the package directions and water well after application.
  • Prune your AOA hybrid lilies after they finish blooming. Cut off the faded flowers and seed pods to prevent self-seeding and to conserve energy for the bulbs. Leave the stems and leaves intact until they turn yellow and die back naturally in fall.

Common Pests and Diseases to Watch Out For

AOA hybrid lilies are relatively resistant to pests and diseases, but they can still be affected by some common problems. Some of the pests and diseases that can affect AOA hybrid lilies are:

  • Aphids: These are small, sap-sucking insects that can cluster on the stems, leaves, and buds of lilies. They can cause distorted growth, yellowing, and wilting. They can also transmit viral diseases. To control aphids, spray them with insecticidal soap or neem oil, or wash them off with a strong jet of water.
  • Lily beetle: These are bright red beetles that feed on the leaves and flowers of lilies. They can cause severe defoliation and damage. To control lily beetles, handpick them and drop them into a bucket of soapy water, or spray them with pyrethrin or spinosad.
  • Botrytis blight: This is a fungal disease that causes brown spots, gray mold, and rotting on the leaves, stems, and flowers of lilies. It thrives in humid and wet conditions. To prevent botrytis blight, avoid overhead watering, improve air circulation, and remove any infected plant parts. To treat botrytis blight, spray with a fungicide such as copper or sulfur.
  • Bulb rot: This is a bacterial or fungal disease that causes softening, discoloration, and decay of the bulbs. It can be caused by poor drainage, overwatering, or injury. To prevent bulb rot, plant your bulbs in well-drained soil, water moderately, and handle them carefully. To treat bulb rot, dig up the affected bulbs and discard them.

Tips for Choosing the Best AOA Hybrid Lily Bulbs

When buying AOA hybrid lily bulbs, look for firm, plump, and healthy bulbs that are free of rot, mold, or other damage. Avert soft, sprouting, or wilting bulbs.

Choose bulbs that are suited to the planting season and climate zone in which you live. AOA hybrid lily bulbs can be planted in the spring or the fall, depending on your area. Consult the label for details on planting times and hardiness zones.

Choose bulbs that complement your style and the layout of your garden. AOA hybrid lily bulbs come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. You can mix different varieties to produce a stunning display of color and fragrance in your garden.