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How we send our bulbs and plants

On each of the product's page, we indicate how we pack and what quantity is included in the packaging.

Dry flower bulbs in paper bags

Dry bulbs are usually packed in paper bags. This form of packaging is more environmentally friendly and preserves the quality of the bulbs.

Bulbs packed in paper bags    Dry Spring Flowering Bulbs

Flower bulbs and their different size

All flower bulbs look different and have different size. On each product page, we provide an example and indicate the size of the bulbs that we sell. Here we provide a number of examples of the most popular flower bulbs that we offer.

Dry crocus bulbs     Dry narcissus and daffodil bulbs     Dry hyacinth bulbs from Holland      Dry tulip bulbs from The Netherlands

Flower bulbs in nets

If you order large quantities of flower bulbs, we send them in special nets.

Dry flowers bulbs in net fro landcaping    Wholesale flower bulbs in nets


Bare root perennials

Bare root perennials from Holland


Bare root roses

Bare root roses from Holland


Perennials in pots

Perennials in pots