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Hemerocallis Daylilies

Hemerocallis Daylilies

Hemerocallis / Daylily Bare-Root Plants

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Many novice gardeners give their preference to the Hemerocallis lily when arranging their flower garden. It can be planted almost anywhere except the very shady places. This plant is cultivated in large groups. You can plant a hemerocallis flower, and it will turn into a bush after a few years. Daylilies are selected according to colour combinations, the flowering time, etc. They look especially good in mixed borders with coniferous shrubs.

The Variety of Daylilies for Sale buy hemerocallis, dutch

Many magnificent varieties of daylilies for sale have been bred in different countries of the world. For example, the Australian and Dutch species are especially popular. The beauty of these plants and long-lasting flowering make them very prominent among gardeners.

How to Choose among Different Kinds of Daylilies

Almost all varieties of daylilies have earned the honour to be called luxurious flowers. Different kinds of daylilies always remain favourites. Let's take a closer look at the best varieties of this plant:

  • Stella D’Oro: these dwarf daylilies bloom continuously and are distinguished by their very short pauses between blooming. Thanks to the efforts of breeders, the daylily of this variety can bloom from May to October.
  • Frans Hals: this variety is the brightest and hardiest representative of the genus among the two-coloured varieties. The main characteristics of the Frans Hals daylily are the time-tested decorative qualities, the abundance of flowers, and super-reliability.
  • Strawberry Candy: this perennial with a height of over 70 cm has earned its medals for its amazing colours and its endurance. A unique feature of this plant is its ability to bloom again at the very end of the season.

The gardeners should primarily consider these species. However, some exclusive species of hemerocallis bulbs leave no chance for an alternative.

Virgin Beauty of the Double Daylilies for Sale

Double daylily is a precious asset of any garden. Even though these perennial plants have a tropical appearance, they do not create difficulties in care. They combine beauty and endurance. Purchasing the double daylilies for sale is considered lucky. We encourage you to pay attention to the following species:

order daylily bulbs

  • After the Fire
  • Edmond Puff
  • Child Within
  • Congo Coral
  • Double Delicious
  • Forty Second Street
  • Highland Lord
  • New Adventure
  • Night Embers
  • Patricia

Double daylilies grow well in both the sun and the shade. They can germinate both separately and in the company of other garden plants. Winter is a time of rest for them. If the winter is not snowy, they can be covered with dry leaves. Flowers are not the only beautiful thing that these plants have. When they are not blooming, they catch eyes with their beautiful foliage.

How to Purchase Bulk Daylilies for Sale

If you are willing to purchase the bulk daylilies for sale but still don’t know where to buy daylilies online, visit our “Special Offers” section and check if there is any current promotion available. New daylilies may be more expensive than common varieties. Their price is also fully predictable because of the beauty and exclusivity of the flower. For large gardens, you can buy them wholesale. Since these flowers are in high demand among the gardeners, it sometimes happens that wholesale daylilies are out of stock. Therefore, we recommend browsing our catalogue regularly and buying daylilies during mid-season sales.

What to Think About Before to Buy Hemerocallis Online buy daylilies online

The main rule of a successful purchase is to choose a good, reliable seller. It is advisable to give preference to companies that have been working in the field of cultivation and sale of flowers for several years. Such firms have a strong reputation and will not distribute daylilies for sale online, which do not correspond to the photographs in the catalogue.

Do not worry if the root of the purchased seedling is overdried. This will not be a problem for the further growth and development of the plant. The root will need to be prepared for planting. Therefore, you can safely buy hemerocallis online and save on your purchase.

Where to Buy Daylilies Online

If you are looking for a better place to buy daylilies online, we recommend visiting our online store Dutch-bulbs.com. Our planting materials meet the highest European standards of quality, and they are delivered to you directly from Dutch farmers. Even if you don’t live in one of the 30 countries on our delivery list, you don’t need to wonder where to buy daylilies, because we are always here to fulfil every individual delivery. Take your time to study our proposals and get your order within 7 days. Enjoy your purchase!

Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Hemerocallis Daylilies

Where Is the Best Place to Plant Hemerocallis?

These are the most adaptable plants and can thrive in zones 2-10. They can survive full sun and even the mid-day scorching one, but you should note that this affects the flower quality. Daylilies can also grow in slightly acidic soils but should not be allowed to dry.

Can Hemerocallis Be Planted Now?

Hemerocallis blooms in early, mid, and late summer. Therefore, you can grow these plants anytime in autumn and spring. For the late bloomers, you can plant them in the early summer. However, although these plants are maintenance-free, you may need to water those planted in the summer until they become mature.

How to Care for Hemerocallis?

Although they are maintenance-free, you should divide the plants when they start being too crowded. Another way of caring for these flowers is by feeding them with a general-purpose fertilizer. You can mulch your plants or lift them during the late fall, especially if they are healthy for blooms after the frost.

What Kind of Hemerocallis Are Popular?

This disease and weather resistant plant comes in a wide range of choices to pick from. Depending on your preferences and what you want to achieve in your garden, you can choose from the following: Hemerocallis/Daylily Stella d'Oro, Citrina.

Other popular perennials that you can order are:

Where can I buy daylilies from the Netherlands?

The daylilies in our online shop come from the Netherlands, which is known for its high-quality flower bulbs and plant breeding. We source our bulbs from trusted suppliers to ensure they are of high quality.

Why should I buy daylilies from Holland?

Daylilies from Holland are often of high quality, as the Netherlands is known for its expertise in bulb cultivation. Buying bulbs from Holland can ensure that you get healthy and robust plants that can thrive.