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Fritillaria is one of the brightest and most fragrant representatives in the flower world. This tall plant will be a great addition to the design of a flower bed or garden. The Fritillaria flower will not leave any gardener indifferent. Its cultivation will not be difficult, since the flower is easy to care for and gets along well with other plants in the garden.

If you decide to buy fritillaria bulbs online, there are over one hundred varieties at your disposal.

Top-5 Popular Varieties of Fritillaria

Initially, the flower has an orange colour and small inflorescences. The work of breeders has improved fritillaria bulbs, and the current varieties of the flower amaze us with their beauty and diversity. Along with buying fritillaria meleagris bulbs, we encourage you to consider the following popular species:

How to Plant the Fritillary Bulb

The correct organization of planting and care of the fritillary bulb will reward you with fragrant, lush flowering in the spring. Fritillary prefers fertile soil, with an average pH level and good aeration. The landing place should be well lit because the plant will grow upward in shaded places, and this will affect the size and colour of the inflorescences.

Fritillary planting begins in late August, early September since the bulb must take root and have time to gain strength for the upcoming release of the peduncle. The planting depth should be at least 25 cm.

How to Treat Fritillaria Flower

After buying fritillaria bulbs for sale, take your time to study the right methods of treating these plants.  Caring for the plant outdoors does not require significant effort and includes the main agrotechnical measures such as weeding, watering, fertilizing, etc. Due to the botanical feature of fritillary to absorb moisture from the soil and the atmosphere, the frequency of watering is minimized. After the flower has faded, the peduncle is cut off, and the plant is fertilized with phosphorus and potassium. Good luck!