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Amaryllis Bulbs

The best selection of Amaryllis and Hippeastrum bulbs from Holland and South Africa. Choose from more than 100 varieties, colours and sizes.

Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis and Hippeastrum Bulbs

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Amaryllis and Hippeastrum Bulbs

Amaryllis bulbs are indoor plants that are classified under the genus hippeastrum. Their flowers provide a spectacular decoration for your indoor set-up with their sparkling colours that come in red, pink, white, apricot, deep burgundy, or rose.

As these plants continue blooming, they become a little heavy. Therefore, lightweight pots are not suitable for growing them because they keep toppling and can break the flower stems.

Additionally, as the amaryllis bulbs continue growing, make sure you rotate your pots. This step helps in ensuring that your flowers do not bend as they grow.

Amaryllis Bulbs for Sale

There are over 100 varieties of amaryllis bulbs for sale to ensure you get rid of a dull environment at your home. The bulb assortment is limitless to make them an incredible must-have for every home.

Our bulbs come from Holland and South Africa, the best-renowned places for producing quality amaryllis bulbs. So, you can buy confidently knowing you are getting them from a supplier that only deals with the best variety.

Amaryllis Plants

Growing the amaryllis plants is easy, and their care changes as their height increases. Their flowers can be single or double and have an extended blooming period.

If you want a fulfilling outcome, buy amaryllis bulbs when you are ready to sow. Fresh seeds perform better than those that have been kept for long before planting.

Hippeastrum Bulbs 

When sharing lovely moments such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, weddings, and others that bring joy, hippeastrum bulbs serve as perfect gifts. Their astonishingly beautiful petals bring some warmth and serve as a noble gesture.

Find cheap amaryllis bulbs for sale and have something decorative for those people that matter to you.

Whenever you are ready, you can buy amaryllis bulbs online and start giving your interior environment a magnificent make-over.

Amaryllis Bulbs from Holland

Fill your indoor flower pots with carefully selected amaryllis bulbs from Holland and South Africa. We provide amaryllis bulbs online in the following categories:

Dark- Red Amaryllis

They bloom during winter and create bright and attractive decor. Dark- Red Amaryllis does well in zones 1-10 and needs exposure to full sunlight. The amaryllis bulbs reach a height of 18-20 inches when mature.

Their cozy velvet-like petals give your home a classy touch.

Diamond Amaryllis

Diamond Amaryllis produce 4-5 flowers per stem after blooming. Their elegant white petals are graced with red strips at the margins and can be single or double-layered. They are also available in red and grow up to 24 inches high.

These amaryllis flower bulbs are funnel-shaped and can serve exceptionally as cut flowers.

White Amaryllis

White Amaryllis are double-layered flowers with a long blooming period. White amaryllis bulbs are quite rewarding because they produce 4 flowers per stem. Since they do not bloom at a go, you are sure to maintain your home’s vibrancy throughout winter.

For large scale production, buy amaryllis bulbs in bulk to have an easy harvesting period. It also helps you process huge orders efficiently because you will have uniform growth and maintenance.

South African Amaryllis

South African Amaryllis bulbs are early boomers and come in a range of colors which include dark pink, white, red, pale pink, and multi-colored. They grow to a height of between 18 and 28 inches.

These amaryllis bulbs can either be single or double-layered. For better results, keep the temperature of the planting soil consistent.

Amaryllis / Hippeastrum Bulbs

Where to Buy Amaryllis Bulbs

Getting trouble finding a place where to buy amaryllis bulbs for your upcoming gardening project? Look no further. Our store is well stocked with both quality seeds and plants for whichever variety you need.

We offer our hippeastrum bulbs for sale to both recreational and commercial gardeners. Delivery is available for orders done online equal to or more than €100 within Europe. However, if you reside outside this region, shipping charges are determined by the tax rates and the shipping company.

Amaryllis Hippeastrum Bulbs

Brighten your winter with the incredible amaryllis hippeastrum bulbs. Your winter does not have to feel ridiculously long because everything around seems so pale and lifeless. Colour your home with different assortments and watch them bud simultaneously.

Do you want to know how to plant and care for Amaryllis Bulbs? Keep your bulbs healthy by providing them with enough water, nutrients, and soil that drains well.

Whether you are looking to create a fun and conspicuous environment or a soft and calm one, the amaryllis hippeastrum bulbs have something to offer. The many varieties available give you unlimited options on how you can set the mood to your home. Choose the right type and colours to represent you.


Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Amaryllis Bulbs

How do you care for amaryllis?

Water enough to keep the soil moist, and avoid wetting the portion of the bulb that is above the soil. Feed your amaryllis with Miracle-Gro® Indoor Plant Food every 7-14 days to promote reblooming. Keep your amaryllis in the sunniest spot you can find in your house. More sun will mean bigger blooms later.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Amaryllis?

The best place to buy your amaryllis plants and bulbs is where you are not limited by the variety you can choose from, and when you want it. The store can be online or offline, and it should have a reputation for providing quality products to its clients.

What Kinds of Amaryllis Are Popular?

Amaryllis can be categorized as indoor and outdoor room plants. Among these categories, the most popular ones are the amaryllis belladonna, giant amaryllis, wax amaryllis, and the Christmas amaryllis. You can choose from one or several of these categories, of course, depending on your unique specifications.

When is the best time to plant amaryllis and hippeastrum bulbs?

The best time to plant amaryllis and hippeastrum bulbs is usually in late autumn or early winter, around October to December. This gives the bulbs enough time to grow roots and flower in the spring.

Which Amaryllis and Hippeastrum varieties does your online shop offer?

We offer a wide range of Amaryllis and Hippeastrum varieties in our online shop. You can choose different colours, flower shapes and sizes. Visit our product page to see the current varieties and availability.