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Muscari flowers occupy a special place in the spring garden. This graceful blue bulbous plant covers rocky hills, the edges of flower beds, and curbs with its rich shades of blue and exclusive musky aroma. Simple cultivation techniques, undemanding soil conditions, and high decorative value make Muscari bulbs constant spring flowers of all gardens.

Diversity of Muscari Bulbs

There are more than 40 types of bulbs Muscari that people plant in their gardens. This variety allows the creation of multi-coloured compositions that can bloom from April to June. We recommend considering these top-5 species by popularity.

How to Plant Muscari Flower in Pots

Muscari is a great flower for planting in pots. To do this, the largest plants are placed in containers with fertile loose soil and are moistened and left for rooting in a shaded cool place. If you want to surprise your family with a bouquet of spring flowers for the New Year, bulbs should be planted in pots during August. They should then be left in a shaded place for rooting and transferred to the fridge. In early December, the pots can be placed on a cool windowsill. By the 31st of December, you can cut the flowers or present it in the pot.

Where to Find Muscari Bulbs for Sale

You can buy Muscari bulbs easily on Dutch-bulbs.com. The assortment of Muscari bulbs for sale will please you with its diversity and favourable price. Order online and get your delivery within 7 days in 30 countries around the world. We provide our clients with a 100% money-back guarantee because we are confident in the quality of our planting materials. 

Muscari Flower Bulbs from Holland

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