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Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring Flowering Bulbs and Tubers

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Spring Flowering Bulbs – Types and Features to Plant and Care Them Correctly

Planting spring-flowering bulbs - Buy onlineThere is nothing more enjoyable than seeing spring-flowering bulbs making their way through the cold ground. Just a little longer, and then they bloom into gorgeous blossoms. Besides, these bulbs are an almost effortless and quite affordable way of boosting the spring lawn and garden with the picturesque landscape. At the same time, the surroundings are still gloomy and sometimes even snowy. Moreover, the best spring-flowering bulbs will get you rid of the necessity to spend time and money on new flowers every year. They have low planting requirements and can develop and blossom either in the pots, in the lawn, or under the trees. This review describes the types and species of spring-flowering bulbs to plant now and disclose their unique features to let you know how to plant and maintain them appropriately.


Spring Flowering Bulbs List – Top Rated Plants to Grow

Each of the spring bulbs has its unique characteristics to allow gardeners to have flowering areas despite the month of the spring, climate, or weather conditions. The following spring-flowering bulbs list includes the most popular items that require low investments:

  • Snowdrops will decorate your garden early in spring. Note that they need full or partial shade and moist soil.
  • Hyacinths feature a wide range of vibrant colours and intoxicating fragrance.
  • Crocuses are tall enough (6 inches (ca. 15 cm) high) to make your garden borders bright and picturesque.
  • Daffodil makes it possible to combine yellow, white, pink, salmon, and various bi-coloured bulbs to realize design ideas.
  • Tulips are presented in 15 families, including perennial and annual species, and early, mid-spring, and late-spring bulbs. There are many spring bulbs for sale in the market. However, consider some typical peculiarities of their types to make the right decision and a greater variety of flowers to flatter your eyes.

Spring Flowering Plants for Pots – How to Plant and grow Them

The sufficient drainage is the primary condition for trouble-free growth of plants in the pots that delivers air to the plant’s roots and prevents them from rotting and dying. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that the pots and containers have enough holes to keep the plants safe. The spring flowering plants for pots also require a layer of gravel to escape the holes’ clogging with compost. By the way, the general-purpose compost will be suitable for feeding the flowers and providing them with good health. Fill up half of the pot with the solution and place the plant in the centre of the container to make it sit straight. The spring-flowering bulbs for sale will look good by the front door, on the patio, or under the windows of a one-story cottage.

Dwarf Spring Flowering Bulbs – Features and Benefits

The dwarf spring flowering bulbs are remarkable for their small stature. They include miniature tulips, irises, evergreen azaleas, Muscari, crocus, and many other species that decorate either a garden or a lawn. Due to their full-colour palettes, they are famous for decorating rock gardens with shallows layer of soil and for creating fairy effects. For example, some designers plant blue crocus to mimic the stream. Bright and various spring bulbs for pots and ground add colour with little care to miniature shrubs and conifers.

Small Spring Flowering Bulbs – Where to Plant Them?

The small spring-flowering bulbs are highly compatible with evergreens and low ground cover that won’t overwhelm tiny bulbs. Besides, they feel good near alpine fern and other showy dryland species. It would be best if you didn’t plant them interspersed with greenery with lush foliage and tall flowers. It is also possible to acquire dwarf spring bulbs for pots to plant them in containers on the terrace, for example.

Hardy Spring Flowering Bulbs – Where, When, How to Plant

The hardy spring-flowering bulbs mean the group of flowers that makes us happy with their blossom in the early spring since they can stand with cold weather. Note that the majority of them feel bad in wet and soggy soil. Camassia is an exception since these white, ivory, blue, and purple flowers grow fast and healthy in swampy areas. The hardy spring-flowering bulbs should be planted in the fall, and they need specific soil preparation. Appropriate fertilizer ensures its fast growth and protects from damage. If it’s necessary to improve the ground structure, some organic matter will come in handy. The method of planting depends on the soil’s quality. For instance, the dibble way fits sandy and light ground, meaning just several simple steps:

  • Make a little hole in the soil with a short stick or even manually.
  • Put the bulb in the hole.
  • Press it down as far as possible.
  • Cover it with soil.

However, you should dig a hole with a spade if it deals with the heavy ground. This tool will help loosen the soil under the bulb to facilitate its rooting. Consider the depth of planting that is individual for every variety.

Late Spring Flowering Bulbs That Blossom Till the End of Spring

The late spring flowering bulbs build a bridge between spring and summer. You can opt for the large-flowered alliums that usually bloom from May to June. Note that it’s necessary to plant them in fall in warm regions and spring in clod areas. They have no flavour and suffer from early-appeared yellow foliage, making it rational to mix them with other plants to hide this drawback. Those looking more spring-flowering bulbs for sale should consider the bleeding heart, brunnera, columbine, lilac, and true hardy geraniums. Late-blooming daffodils are widespread in the South since they like thoroughly drained soil and need at least six hours of daily sun to grow well. Brigid anemone fits low-maintenance locations and rock gardens, capturing our hearts with natural growth and deer resistance. Persian lily will catch your eye if you have a garden with full-sun morning and afternoon shade. If you seek for spring flowering bulbs for pots, tulips might cater to your tastes. It’s possible to grow flowers of different colours in one container creating unique and bright compositions.

Mixed Spring Flowering Bulbs in Affordable Packs

Many sellers offer quite a lot of high-quality mixed spring flowering bulbs for not a lot of money. They usually form the pre-planned combinations in such a manner to mix the flowers that bloom together at the same time of the season. It’s also possible to choose multi or single-species spring-flowering bulb mixes according to the garden’s landscape and design.

Buy Spring Flowering Bulbs to Make Your Garden Unique

If you want to buy spring flowering bulbs, you can experience tremendous opportunities. Whether you are going to acquire spring flowers to plant them into the ground or in the containers, mixed collections become the all-in-one solution. They are ready to plant and feature a wide selection of spring-flowering bulbs. Each pack has a picture card labels to disclose what is inside. 

Spring Flowering Bulbs Planting

Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Spring Flowering Bulbs

What are spring flowering bulbs and tubers for autumn planting?

Spring-flowering bulbs and tubers are plant materials that are planted in autumn to provide beautiful flowers in spring. They are a great way to add colour to your garden in spring.

What types of flowers can be grown from spring flowering bulbs and tubers?

You can grow a variety of flowers from spring flowering bulbs and tubers, including tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and snowdrops. These flowers offer a wide range of colours and shapes for your garden.

Can I buy spring flowering bulbs and tubers online?

Yes, you can buy a wide selection of spring flowering bulbs and tubers in our online shop. We offer high quality planting material for your garden.

Do you offer advice on selecting spring flowering bulbs and tubers?

Yes, our team is available to help you choose the best spring bloomers for your garden. Contact us for personal advice and recommendations.

Are there volume discounts or special offers for the purchase of spring flowering bulbs and tubers?

Yes, we regularly offer bulk discounts and special offers on our products. Visit our website or subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about current offers.