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Asiatic Lilies
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Asiatic Lily Bulbs for Your Garden

Lilies are considered the most beautiful garden flowers; that's why they are often used in the landscape design of many suburban areas. Asiatic lilies bulbs are especially popular among the gardeners; they are easy to grow in all climatic zones, and they can originally decorate flower beds with their bright inflorescences. When growing such a flower, it is important to take into account the varietal characteristics of the plant and provide it with a proper caring.

Asiatic Lilies Description

Asiatic lilies have various colors of flowers, which sometimes consist of several tones, but most often, the flowers are of milky and bright fiery shades. Up to 30 beautiful flowers are usually placed on one stem of the plant; they can be either double or single. Asiatic varieties can have different heights; the minimum height is 50 cm, the maximum is 1.5 m. The leaves of the plant are medium-sized, colored in a rich green color. The flowers start to bloom in the first half of July.

What Are the Best Asiatic Lilium Bulbs Varieties?

The following best Asiatic lilium bulbs varieties are very popular among the gardeners:

  • "Spring Pink";
  • "Apeldoorn";
  • "Easy Samba";
  • "Mystery dream";
  • "Mapira";
  • "Prominence."

All these plants are easy to grow, and they will please you with their flowering from the beginning of June to the end of August. If you want to make your garden even more colorful, you can plant the Asiatic lilies mix - pink Asiatic lilies and white Asiatic lilies, for example.

Where to Find Asiatic Lilies Bulbs for Sale?

If planting lilies in your garden is your dream, you can buy Asiatic liliums at our online store. We offer the best Asiatic lilies bulbs for sale. Our bulbs and seeds are of a high quality.