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Hosta (Funkia) Bare-Root Plants

Hosta (Funkia) Bare-Root Plants
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Arranging your garden will not be difficult if you have already decided what plants you want and where to put them. We recommend you look to buy hosta plants and perennial hosta plant seeds by mail. These plants can decorate the front garden, park area, or flower bed near your house. This flower perfectly fits other shade-tolerant flowers, so the hosta plant may become a beautiful discovery for you. If you are unsure whether these perennials are worth your attention, or don’t know where to buy hosta plants, the information below will be especially useful.

Reasons to Buy Hosta Plants

These flowers are known for their diversity. Every gardener can choose exactly the type that they are looking for. Such a flower is considered universal and completely non-capricious. It easily withstands drought and cold, it is shade-tolerant, and it can create an excellent background for other flowers. It becomes more and more beautiful over the years and reaches its peak during its 5th year of life. However, before you buy hosta online, you should familiarize yourself with 5 possible groups by the colour of their leaves and choose the one that suits your garden best:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Variegata
  • Mediovariety

If you have already decided to make an order but still don’t know if you want to buy hosta bulbs or seeds, the below info can answer your questions.

Key Reasons to Buy Hosta Bulbs Hosta Plants Online

If you have a shady backyard garden with low light, you can still buy hosta plants. Most plants give excellent results in pots as well. Smaller varieties can be paired with tuberous begonias, and large plants will look good in 30 cm square containers. Bulbs have a higher possibility of germination than seeds. However, if you want to buy hosta seeds, it is better to familiarize yourself with the terms of their cultivation.

Why to Buy Hosta Plant Seeds

The plant can be propagated by seeds, or by vegetation. If you want to cultivate hostas by seeds, you should remember that your success depends directly on the treatment of planting materials and if you use growth-stimulating agents or not. Ultimately, only 70–80% of seeds will finally grow. However, if you still want to try, you could buy hosta seeds online on Dutch-bulbs.com.

Where to Buy Hosta Online

If you are wondering where to buy hosta plants, you could find a large assortment of these perennials on Dutch-bulbs.com. Our seedlings are delivered in the most remote areas in 30 countries of the world. When shipped, the planting material is packed in the most careful way. The roots will not dry out and the integrity of plants will not suffer during the transportation. Payment for delivery services is minimal. We supply only high-quality planting materials directly from Dutch farmers and provide a 100% money-back guarantee. Do not lose the opportunity to purchase hostas at amazing prices. Check the “On Sale” section of the site for even more favourable prices.

Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Hosta (Funkia) Bare-Root Plants

Which Place Is the Best to Plant Hostas?

Hostas are ideal for planting in that gloomy area of your house that is always covered with full or partial shade. They do not tolerate full sun and can only survive the mild morning sun. Use nutrient-rich soils and avoid using soils whose drainages are super slow such as clay.

Can Hostas Be Planted Now?

Hostas do not have a strict planting time since they take long before maturing. However, they can’t be planted outside during winter. Spring and fall are excellent for putting your hostas on the ground to give them time to grow strong roots for supporting the plants.

How to Care for Hostas?

Hostas are not susceptible to attack by plant diseases. They do not require a lot of attention. However, slugs, deer, and rabbits attack them, and you should look out for these. Mulch the plants to keep them hydrated and prevent their succulent leaves from drying.

What Kind of Hostas Are Popular?

Feeling like there are so many hosta options to choose from but don’t know which one to pick? You can always start with the most popular ones before trying other varieties. The most popular ones include: Patriot Hosta, Empress Wu, Guacemole, Blue Angel, Sum and Substance.

Other popular perennials are: