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May 22

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May 22

Mastering the Timing: When to Plant Daffodil Bulbs for a Spectacular Spring Display


May 23 

Unveiling the Secrets: Optimal Timing and Techniques for Planting Lily Bulbs

Why choose Dutch-Bulbs?

Exclusive Selection of flower Bulbs

Rare and collectible bulbous plants collected from all over the world.


High Quality Standards

Continuous inspection of suppliers and plants.


Own branded packaging

We have developed our own box and packaging technology


The largest range of plants

Exclusive selection of flower bulbs and plants from holland.


100% quality guarantee

High quality standards. Continuous inspection of suppliers and plants

100% quality guarantee

Each plant undergoes a four-stage quality check before reaching your hands

Branded packaging

We have developed our own box and packaging technology that allows your plants to come to you safely

The largest assortment

Exclusive selection of flower bulbs and plants from holland. More than 1000 varieties from Dutch growers

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Welcome to the online store Dutch-bulbs.com. Here you will find a large variety of garden plants and flower bulbs online that other online stores and garden centres  in your area cannot offer. Quality and service are the basis of our business. Therefore, our products always meet all the latest standards. We ensure proper storage, careful transportation, and skilful handling of our flower bulbs and bare-root perennials. 

The services we offer are aimed at making you happy, so if you buy plants or flower bulbs from Holland online at Dutch-bulbs.com, your flower garden will become your favourite part of the house. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you. We do not chase over-profits but work for the long haul. Discover our flower bulbs from The Netherlands online, and we will take care of speedy delivery.

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We appreciate every client and do our best to support our customers at every stage. Our customer support is working for you from Monday to Friday and is always ready to answer your questions about our online garden plants, flower bulbs and other related topics. If you order plants and bulbs online on Dutch-bulbs.com, you can take advantage of the following offers:

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Our assortments of flowers will surprise you with its diversity. We have flower bulbs, seeds, shrubs, and perennials from Holland, all available for you 24/7 in our garden center online. Let beautiful Dutch peonies, dahlia tubers, or amaryllis bulbs decorate your garden or home and please you with their blooming. 

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You are welcome to buy outdoor plants online and save on your purchase! There are plenty of promotions, special offers, and wholesale prices throughout the season. Take advantage of buying flowers at favourable prices towards the end of the season, as they have long storage lives.

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Our store offers a 100% money-back guarantee or replacement option if you receive sick bulbs or seeds. Don’t hesitate to buy garden plants online. We guarantee the quality of our products. Our bulbs and other planting materials are stored at the required temperature, which is extremely important for maintaining the quality and availability of plants and shrubs online.

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When purchasing plants and flower bulbs online, you are free to choose the most convenient delivery option for you. Our plants’ online delivery works for 30 countries worldwide. However, we can also arrange individual shipments to the place of your residence. Once you purchase plants’ bulbs online, you will usually get your order within 7 days after placing an order.

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If you don’t have enough time to visit your local flower market, or you live in a remote place, there is always the option to buy flowers on the Internet instead. You can pay by a card or another convenient method available on the website. We guarantee the security of payment and personal information.

Tulips, irises, hyacinths, gladiolus, begonia bulbs and other bulbous flowers will decorate a spring garden with a bright palette of various shades. Planting should take place in the fall. Residents of southern countries can start planting flowers on the first of September. 

The trend of warming is encouraging gardeners. They can now plant flower bulbs earlier than usual. If you are a novice gardener, read our blog, or follow our Facebook page to learn about the details of planting bulbs, seeds, bare-root perennials and rose. This way, you will get a clear understanding of what you are willing to plant during the next season.

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