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Your Full Guide for Daffodils: From Planting and Care to Propagation


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Thriving with Phlox: Essential Tips for Lush Garden Blooms, Your Complete GuideThriving with Phlox: Essential Tips for Lush Garden Blooms, Your Complete Guide

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How to Plant Hyacinths Bulbs: A Quick Guide for Beautiful BloomsHow to Plant Hyacinths Bulbs: A Quick Guide for Beautiful Blooms

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How to Plant Hyacinths Bulbs: A Quick Guide for Beautiful Blooms

Why choose Dutch-Bulbs?

Exclusive Selection of flower BulbsExclusive Selection of flower Bulbs

Exclusive Selection of flower Bulbs

Rare and collectible bulbous plants collected from all over the world.


High Quality StandardsHigh Quality Standards

High Quality Standards

Continuous inspection of suppliers and plants.


Own branded packagingOwn branded packaging

Own branded packaging

We have developed our own box and packaging technology


The largest range of plantsThe largest range of plants

The largest range of plants

Exclusive selection of flower bulbs and plants from holland.


100% quality guarantee

High quality standards. Continuous inspection of suppliers and plants

100% quality guarantee

Each plant undergoes a four-stage quality check before reaching your hands

Branded packaging

We have developed our own box and packaging technology that allows your plants to come to you safely

The largest assortment

Exclusive selection of flower bulbs and plants from holland. More than 1000 varieties from Dutch growers

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Nothing can surpass the enchanting attraction of buying cheap flower bulbs when it involves adding a dash of refinement and attractiveness to your garden. Our online store takes pride in offering an exclusive and extensive array of Dutch flower bulbs and perennial plants that will transform your outdoor area into a paradise of blossoms from the Netherlands.


Discover a Beautiful Assortment of Flower Bulbs

We offer a diverse selection of bulbs and perennials for sale on our website, each showcasing its distinctive appeal. From the classic and lively Tulips to the dainty and enchanting Daffodils, the sweet-scented Hyacinths to the bright and joyful Crocuses, and the decorative Allium, also known as ornamental leek, to the grand Amaryllis – you'll undoubtedly discover the ideal assortment to match your preferences and style. Don't hesitate to order garden flowers from our splendid collection.


Experience the timeless elegance of tulips with their graceful blooms and an array of striking colours. Create a mesmerising spring display that will leave your neighbours in awe.


Illuminate your garden with joyful and iconic garden plants like daffodils, proclaiming the advent of springtime through their radiant yellow and white flowers.


Indulge in the intoxicating fragrance and bold hues of hyacinths, perfect for infusing your garden with a burst of colour and sweet scents.



Embrace the early bloomers - crocuses that showcase a delightful tapestry of colours, symbolising the onset of spring.


Allium (ornamental leek)

Enhance your garden's charm and contemporary flair by incorporating garden plants like alliums, which showcase captivating spherical flowers of different dimensions.


Adorn your indoor spaces with the majestic amaryllis, boasting large, trumpet-shaped flowers that radiate elegance and charm.

Direct from Holland, Netherlands - Your Source for Dutch Flower Bulbs

You can order flower bulbs from Holland, Netherlands, the distinguished global hub for flower bulbs production. Benefiting from the Dutch bulbs' experience in cultivation, each bulb is carefully raised in optimal conditions, promising stunning blooms to grace your garden across numerous seasons. Should you be in quest of flower bulbs nearby, our selected bulbs present the ultimate preference.

Why Choose Our Flower Bulbs?

Browse our collection of flower bulbs for sale at our online store, where we take immense pride in presenting a remarkable assortment that distinguishes us from others in the market. When you opt for our flower Dutch bulbs, you choose a gardening venture that transcends the ordinary, bringing many advantages that will enhance your outdoor space and fill your life with enduring happiness.

Our unwavering commitment to superior quality is among the reasons to select our flower bulbs. We recognise that a thriving garden begins with a strong foundation, so we directly source our bulbs from the renowned horticultural region of the Netherlands. Each bulb undergoes meticulous scrutiny to ensure that only the healthiest and most resilient specimens reach your garden. With our premium Dutch bulbs, rest assured that your plants will flourish, creating a stunning array of colours that will leave your neighbours in awe.

Experience the convenience of buying flower bulbs online, especially when exploring the captivating world of plants online from  The Netherlands. Our commitment to ensuring your contentment is evident in multiple dimensions. Navigating through our intuitive online platform provides a hassle-free shopping journey, and with our reliable ordering process and swift shipping services, you can shop with tranquillity. Furthermore, should you seek guidance regarding gardening or need any aid, our dedicated customer support team is readily available to accompany you throughout your experience.

Premium Quality Bulbs

Regarding plants and bulbs from Holland, quality remains our utmost concern. We dedicate significant resources to selecting the finest flower bulbs for our customers. Each bulb undergoes rigorous testing and meticulous hand-picking to ensure you receive robust, flourishing plants capable of thriving in your garden.

Wide Assortment of Flower Bulbs

Exploring the realm of buying plants online from The Netherlands opens up a world of possibilities. Our diverse range of flower bulbs is designed to meet the preferences of all gardening enthusiasts, regardless of whether you possess years of experience or are just embarking on this delightful hobby. Many colours, shapes, and sizes await in our collection, offering you a spectrum of choices to transform your envisioned garden into a reality. Furthermore, within our selection of flower bulbs, you'll discover a comprehensive assortment categorised by price, catering to a broad spectrum ranging from economical options to the most exclusive and precious varieties.

Expertly Sourced from the Netherlands

When buying plants from Holland, our dedication to providing the best shines through. We directly collaborate with reputable Dutch growers to offer you an assortment of top-notch flower bulbs. The renowned Dutch proficiency in cultivating bulbs guarantees that every bulb you acquire boasts supreme quality, meticulously bred to excel and flourish in your garden. You know the ideal destination if you want to purchase Dutch flower bulbs.


Flower Bulbs Catalogues - Your Gardening Companion

If you're delving into the world of flower bulbs from Holland, check out our enriching blog that serves as a thorough and enlightening manual for successful gardening. Our team of experts shares invaluable recommendations and pointers that will elevate your flower bulb experience, providing profound wisdom on planting, nurturing, and tending. Moreover, our meticulously crafted catalogues of flower bulbs are designed to swiftly and effortlessly aid you in locating and selecting precisely what aligns with your desires.

Shop Now and Transform Your Garden with Our Flower Bulbs

With our great flower bulbs, you may rediscover the delights of gardening and enhance your outdoor experience. When you buy flower bulbs at our online store, you can access many advantages that set us apart from the competition. Also, you can often come across wholesale flower bulbs and choose the desired specimen of flowers. 

Secure Online Ordering

We understand the importance of security when making online purchases. Our website provides a safe and secure platform to browse and place your orders with peace of mind.

Fast and Reliable Shipping

Upon choosing your desired plants, take advantage of our economical option to buy plants cheap from Holland. Our streamlined shipping procedure guarantees the swift delivery of your flower bulbs to your doorstep. We prioritise meticulous packaging to safeguard the bulbs' vitality during transportation. With this assurance, the concern of locating Dutch flower bulbs nearby becomes obsolete.

Excellent Customer Support

Do you have any questions or require assistance? Our committed customer support team is here to assist you at all times. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and we will gladly help you.

Cultivate a Garden Full of Beauty and Life

The allure of cultivating a garden and witnessing its transformation is truly enchanting. Embracing the potential of bulbs from Holland, you can craft a sanctuary brimming with splendour, vibrant hues, and captivating aromas, all within the confines of your own outdoor space. This enchanting environment will naturally draw in butterflies, bees, and an array of charming creatures, enhancing the enchantment of your garden.

Elevate Your Gardening Experience with Our Flower Bulbs

Experience the pinnacle of gardening delight by embracing the allure of buying Holland flower bulbs. Elevate your horticultural journey with our distinguished assortment of premium flower bulbs, observing your garden thrive in unparalleled ways.

Embark on a journey through the enchanting realm of flower bulbs by visiting our digital emporium today. Allow us to be your primary destination for all your flower bulb requisites. Elevate your garden's potential and unleash its innate magnificence with our finest-grade flower bulbs sourced directly from Holland.

The Largest Assortment of Flowers and Perennials in Our Garden Center Online

Our assortment of flowers will surprise you with its diversity. We have flower bulbs, seeds, shrubs, and perennials from Holland, all available for you 24/7 in our garden centre online. Let beautiful Dutch peonies, dahlia tubers, or amaryllis bulbs decorate your garden or home and please you with their blooming. Buy plants online from the Netherlands and enjoy the beauty of your flowers and plants. 

Buy Outdoor Plants Online on Sale

You are welcome to buy outdoor plants online and save on your purchase! There are plenty of promotions, special offers, and wholesale prices throughout the season. Take advantage of buying flowers at favourable prices towards the end of the season, as they have long storage lives.

Buy Garden Plants and Flower Bulbs Online and Get 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our store offers a 100% money-back guarantee or replacement option if you receive sick bulbs or seeds. Don’t hesitate to buy garden plants online. We guarantee the quality of our products. Our bulbs and other planting materials are stored at the required temperature, which is extremely important for maintaining the quality and availability of plants and shrubs online.

Buy Plants and Flower Bulbs Online from Holland and Get the Instant Delivery

When you shop for flower bulbs and plants from Holland online, you can select the most convenient delivery method for your needs. Our online plant delivery service covers 30 countries around Europe. Additionally, we can also coordinate personalised shipments right to your doorstep. Once you buy plants online, expect to receive your order within 7 to 10 days after placing it.

Visit Our Garden Center Online and Save Your Time

If you don’t have enough time to visit your local flower market or live in a remote place, there is always the option to order plants from Holland online on the Internet instead. You can pay by card or another convenient method on the website to buy garden flowers. We guarantee the security of payment and personal information. Feel free to order plants online from our online store today!

Enhance your garden affordably by purchasing budget-friendly plants from Holland. Conveniently place your Holland plants order online and unlock botanical possibilities.

Tulips, irises, hyacinths, gladiolus, begonia bulbs and other bulbous flowers will decorate a spring garden with a bright palette of various shades. Planting should take place in the fall or spring. Residents of northern countries can start planting flowers on the first of September. 

The trend of warming is encouraging gardeners. They can now plant flower bulbs earlier than usual. If you are a novice gardener, read our blog, or follow our Facebook page to learn about planting bulbs, seeds, bare-root perennials and roses. This way, you will clearly understand what you are willing to plant during the following season.

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