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Summer Flowering Bulbs

Summer Flowering Bulbs

Summer Flowering Bulbs and Tubers

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Summer Flowering Bulbs for Pots and Open Ground

Those looking for the plants that take a little space and reward you with saturated and bright colours, sweet, and delicate flavours, should consider the summer-flowering bulbs. Today’s markets offer an impressive variety of species, whether you’re going for flowers in containers or open ground.

The gardeners plant the varieties in spring when the thaw replaces severe frosts. This lets the bulbs root and establish themselves. It’s also possible to plant heady winter flowers without waiting for warming. Every spring month is the right time to make designer fantasies come true and create a beautiful garden from your dreams by mixing colours, early and late blooming varieties, dwarf, and large flowers.

Summer Flowering Plants and Flowers

Summer Flowering Bulbs List – Top 5 of Highly Prized Flowers

The summer flowering bulbs list might be endless. That’s why you may consider some people’s favourites that are widely popular thanks to their beauty, easy growing, and affordable prices.

  • Oriental Lily features an extra-special fragrance that decreases stress end ensures positive emotions. They grow better in colder regions and can tolerate boggy ground.
  • A wide range of Freesia variations thrive in mild weather conditions, have vibrant colours and pleasing fragrance. These flowers are popular as a decoration for weddings and as an ingredient of elite beauty products.
  • Many people highly rate Polianthes tuberosa as a cut flower thanks to its unusual waxy bloom. This thermophilic plant needs heated greenhouses if the climate is colder and not very sunny.
  • Tuberous begonias are suitable for decorating shady patios. Many gardeners grow them in hanging baskets and adore their maintenance-free care.
  • Gladiolus are perennials that are semi-hardy in temperate climates. They hate weeds and suffer from them a lot. That’s why it’s crucial to avoid deep cultivation to keep the new roots (they are formed on top of the old ones) safe.

When you look for some summer bulbs for sale, there is no need to worry about shipping since the companies deliver bulbs at the appropriate planting time.

Summer-Flowering Bulbs

Summer Flowering Plants for Pots – Colour and Fragrance with Minimal Effort

Summer flowering plants for pots are a great addition to a landscape design of a city balcony, yard, terrace, traditional, and rooftop gardens. Hot colours create sunny spots among the foliage. Besides, they are useful when it’s necessary to attract bees and other pollinators. You can also mix summer-flowering plants for pots for attractive visual effects.

For example, Angelonia or summer snapdragon is a tropical perennial with pink, red, blue, purple, and white flowers. It is easy to grow nut needs full sun and well-drained soil. Malva sylvestris “Brave Heart” is perfect for adding height to ornamental borders and fascinates the admirers of cut flowers.

Dwarf Summer Flowering Bulbs to Make the Landscape Bright

Many large plants are available as dwarf summer flowering bulbs that are crucial for rock gardens or just small spaces. For instance, miniature gladiolus are early-summer flowers. Still, you should plant them in the fall or at the beginning of winter. The short-stemmed lily bulbs are 30–60 cm high, and they look amazing in the borders or patio pots or near the back/front doors.

Tiny Achillea should be mentioned among the summer bulbs for pots since it clusters bloom from June through to September. They are available in yellow, pink, white, red, and purple colours.

Hardy Summer Flowering Bulbs – Weather is not a Big Deal

It’s possible to plant hardy summer flowering bulbs in early spring right outdoors, as they are resilient to cold weather. You should leave them in the ground for winter to allow them to grow back on their own next summer.

Crocosmia is one of the most remarkable hardy summer-flowering bulbs thanks to its showy and exotic look. It requires full sun or partial shade for optimal growth, as well as the fertile and well-drained ground.

The summer-flowering bulbs from the Malvaceae family feature tall stems and funnel-shaped flowers. If you provide them with well-drained, moderately fertile ground, and full sun, they will make you happy with the state-of-the-art architectural height in the garden.

Late Summer Flowering Bulbs to Put Autumn off

While looking for late summer flowering bulbs, pay attention to lily-like nerines. They feature red and pink colours in contrast to strappy leaves. They are hardy in a warm climate but should be grown in containers in cold areas. These August-blooming plants feel good in poor, free-draining soil and prefer to move houses in fall.

Dahlias also relate to the late summer-flowering bulbs, as they please the eyes from July through October. They can boast different colours and sizes that make it possible to either grow these flowers in pots, containers or plant them in flowerbeds and cutting gardens. The market presents many other summer flowering bulbs for sale, including tropical foliage plants that look perfect among vibrant flowers.

If you want to get tall plants, consider Calla lilies that usually grow to 5 feet high. People often buy them to hide unwanted views behind a fence. If you need smaller summer flowering bulbs for pots, bear in mind tender pinks. In the case of seeking flowers for the back of a border, an unusual cut flower called Echinops will become one of the best summer-flowering bulbs

Mixed Summer Flowering Bulbs – Cost-Effective and Simple Solution

If you want to acquire a wide array of colours, shapes, and height in one fell swoop, think about the mixed summer flowering bulbs. They are available in various sets that contain just some up to several hundred bulbs. You can choose packages with flowers for patio pots, containers, or for growing them in groups in the border.

Small Summer Flowering Bulbs to Decorate Houses, Yards, and Garderns

One can grow small summer flowering bulbs in pots and containers of various sizes and place them outside and in the house. The wide assortment allows picking up flowers for specific natural and artificial environments, including apartments and urban gardens. If you want to buy summer flowering bulbs to plant now, learn everything about their growth and bloom to make sure that they match your garden. Besides, a reliable seller delivers big, firm, and not yield to the touch bulbs.

Buy Summer Flowering Bulbs to Invest Less and Get More

It’s possible to purchase flowers in full bloom at the garden centre, but this is the most expensive way of decorating your garden. When you buy summer flowering bulbs, you get spectacular bloomers for a much lower price. They are made for easy planting and can store energy for several years. The bulbs become a profitable flower farming niche nowadays due to their versatility, affordability, variety of sizes and colours.

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Summer Flowering Flower Bulbs Depth

Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Summer Flowering Bulbs

Where Is the Best Place to Plant Summer Flowering Bulbs?

To colour your summer with the bulbs that bloom at this time, you need to plant them in warm soil that does not retain water to avoid rotting. You can plant them along the borders or anywhere else in partial shades or full sun. The summer flowering bulbs do well in winter hardiness zones 2-11.

Can I Plant Bulbs in the Summer?

These bulbs require approximately 2 weeks to start blooming, and when the frost begins setting, they die. So, the best time to plant the summer flowering bulbs is mid or late spring. If you grow them during summer, you may not enjoy their blossoming before the ground freezes.

What Month Do You Plant Summer Bulbs?

Since timing is key when planting summer flowering bulbs, you can plant them any time from March to May. These months are ideal if you want to enjoy the continuous blooming of your flowers throughout the season. They also get enough time to store nutrients to survive when the ground freezes.

What Kind of Summer Flowering Bulbs Are Popular?

If you want your garden not to look off when the flowers are gracing other gardeners during the season, you need to opt for the most popular summer flowering bulbs. You can choose from the following list;