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Crocus Bulbs

Crocus Bulbs

The best selection of crocus bulbs from Holland. Select from more than 40 varieties, colours and sizes.

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Crocus Bulbs

Crocuses are among the first to bloom in the garden after the snow melts. These flowers are surprisingly easy to care for. After planting them once, they will make their way through the snow for many years, awaiting the arrival of spring. People plant crocus flower seeds almost anywhere because they bloom early and look nice everywhere.

Crocuses look incredible in group plantings because their bright colours are noticeable and expressive. If you plant crocus bulbs near the stones, the contrast will make these delicate flowers look amazing. Crocuses are also good plants for rocky hills, but botanical species are more appropriate than Dutch hybrids. Now, let’s look at the variety of crocus flower bulbs available in our online store.

The Variety of Crocus Bulbs

Crocuses bulbs that are grown in our gardens are divided into botanical (small-flowered) and Dutch (large-flowered) hybrids. Botanical crocuses can be spring-flowering and autumn-flowering. Both botanical and hybrid flowers can have different colours. They are most often white, yellow, or purple. Besides, there are plants with unusual two-colour flowers. Among the most popular plants, we recommend paying attention to the following species:

  • Yellow Giant
  • Yalta
  • Prins Claus
  • Orange Monarch
  • King of the Striped
  • Jeanne d’Arc
  • Blue Pearl
  • Miss Vain

If you like crocuses, take a look at our catalogue. It contains crocus plants for sale, and you can choose your favourite varieties for your garden.

The Best Crocus Plants for Sale

By purchasing the crocus bulbs for sale, you get a unique opportunity to save money on buying the top-quality planting materials for lower fares. You can also find crocus bulbs wholesale prices on our website, and leave your order in the relevant form. We provide our customers with a 100% money-back guarantee if they are not happy with their purchases. This way, customers do not risk anything and can buy crocus bulbs without any fears.

Buy Crocus Bulbs: Autumn-Flowering Options

Bright and lovely petals have won the hearts of gardeners around the world. Their modest flowers are an invariable attribute of a blooming autumn garden. The flowers of autumn-blooming crocuses have a blue or violet colour. They usually bloom in September-October for 10-15 days, depending on the type. Among the cheap crocus bulbs, you could focus on the following species:

  • Sativus
  • Pallasii
  • Fuscotinctus
  • Conqueror

You can also pay attention to the crocus bulbs bulk compositions such as the Autumn Flowering Mix.

Crocus Flower Bulbs

Purchase Spring-Flowering Crocuses Bulbs

These perennial flowers are the eternal love of experienced gardeners. Along with other flowers, crocuses delight the eyes with bright colours from spring until late October. Like many other bulbous plants, it is possible to cultivate crocus bulbs indoors and make them bloom at home at any time of the year. Aren’t they lovely?

Where to Purchase Crocus Flower Bulbs

If you ask yourself where to buy crocus bulbs, there is no better option than purchasing them on Dutch-bulbs.com. All planting materials are delivered from trusted suppliers. The plant sent to you has an excellent survival rate if you follow all the recommendations and instructions published on the Dutch-bulbs.com website. Place an order to decorate your garden with these extraordinary white and yellow flowers.

First of all, we recommend choosing the exact species that you would like to plant near your house. After, wait for the best time to order them. The exact timing of planting crocuses depends on the period of their flowering. Therefore, plants that bloom in the spring must be planted in the fall. Autumn-flowering crocus varieties can be planted during the summer. Knowing the exact time for planting bulbs, you could buy crocus for sale and enjoy their flowering soon.

Crocus Bulbs

Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Crocus Bulbs

When to Plant Crocus Bulbs?

Crocus flowers and bulbs are hardy plants in zones 3-8 and need to be planted in fall, usually between September and November.

Where to Plant Crocus Bulbs?

Crocuses bulbs need to be planted in sunny, open areas where they can naturalize and create a lovely spring meadow. Certain varieties need to be planted in moist, well drained soil with partial shade. Crocuses thrive in all areas of the garden including flower beds, in the lawn and pots

How to Plant Crocus Bulbs?

Plant crocus bulbs (corms) in groups, just 4-5 cm deep and 3-4 cm apart. Try scattering them on the planting area and then plant them where they fall. They perform equally well in containers or in garden borders and, in cool conditions. Crocuses will naturalise well to enjoy year after year.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Crocus Bulbs?

The best place to buy your crocus bulbs is where you are not limited by the variety you can choose from, and when you want it. The store can be online or offline, and it should have a reputation for providing quality products to its clients. We are among the suppliers that give satisfaction to every customer we serve. Our crocus bulbs and corms are reliable and are free from infections. Visit our website today and know more about our bulbs and why gardeners have so many good things to say about our products.