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Allium Bulbs

Allium Bulbs
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Beautiful Alliums can add charm and create an amazing atmosphere in any garden. These unusual flowers differ in the variety of shades, colours, and duration of flowering. Various species of allium bulbs start blooming in early summer and continue to fascinate us until autumn after the allium seeds have ripened. The inflorescences of some alliums plants can reach up to 20-30 centimetres in diameter, and dried inflorescences are excellent for various crafts and dry bouquets.

Our allium garden centre offers four types of allium bulbs for sale:

  • Purple
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Giant

For your plants to grow normally, we recommend reading the following tips on how to cultivate allium bulbs.

Secrets of Growing Allium Bulbs in Your Garden

Allium bulbs are easy to care for, and do not require too much attention. They grow well both in the shade and in the sun. Decorative plants need permeable soil. Therefore, they should not be planted in low-lying places, where meltwater stagnates for a long time during spring.

Allium can be planted both in autumn and spring, depending on the selected type and variety of the plant. If you have early-flowering varieties, plant them in September to take root and bloom in the spring or summer. If you have a late-flowering variety, it can be planted in late April or early May.

Alliums for Sale: How to Select and Store

You can buy allium bulbs and seeds at affordable prices in the Dutch-bulbs online store. All indoor alliums for sale are cultivated by trusted suppliers. The plant sent to you will have an excellent survival rate and can easily be planted in your garden.

How to Select Alliums Plants

If you decided to purchase some allium plants for sale online, you don’t need to worry about the quality of planting materials because our specialists will do it for you. When choosing varieties, the following flowering periods of plants are taken into account:

  • Early flowering
  • Usual flowering
  • Late flowering

It is also important to know the height of the plants:

  • Tall (from 80 cm)
  • Medium (from 40 to 80 cm)
  • Small (up to 40 cm)

Allium perfectly fits rockeries, alpine hills, and stone gardens. It can be planted as a border flower, or become the main attribute of your flower bed.

How to Store Allium Bulbs

Place your bulbs in a box or bag for storage. Keep them in a dry place with good ventilation to prevent the bulbs from getting mouldy. It shouldn’t be at a hot temperature because the bulbs may dry out. The optimal temperature is about 22 degrees celsius. During the winter, it is recommended to store alliums in pots with slightly damp soil. If you store the bulbs in the refrigerator without soil, they will dry out. Plant the bulbs in your garden in the fall. One week before planting outdoors, remove the bulbs from the pots, and treat them with fungicide and dry.

What to Do with Allium Seeds

These flowers are easily reproduced by allium seeds. To get good planting material, you need to let the seeds ripen in natural conditions. However, plants can grow with a pale colour of flowers if you choose this reproduction method. If you decide to grow Alliums with seeds, you will need to cultivate small bulbs. Allium flowering from seeds will start after the bulbs grow to a productive size (3-6 years). The result is worth your efforts. Good luck!

Allium Bulbs From Holland

Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Allium Bulbs

Are alliums perennials?

Alliums are frost-resistant (except for Schubert’s allium and Christoph’s allium) and unpretentious plants. They don’t need to be dug up annually: they can be left intact in one place for many years. In contrast to alliums, spring-flowering bulbs must be planted annually.

When to plant alliums?

Just remember that there is only one time of the year when you can plant alliums and that is autumn. Allium bulbs are planted to a depth equal to their height. For 1 square meter, you need about 50 large and medium bulbs and about 100 pieces of small ones. After planting, the soil is well mulched with humus or peat and watered well.

What kind of alliums are popular?

Even the most crowded gardens can house multiple alliums because they don’t take up much space. Check these beautiful species if you want to add something new to your garden: Allium Millenium, Allium Unifolium Eros, Allium Red Mohican, Allium Nigru, and Allium Neapolitanum. Don’t forget to cover Allium stems with other plants.