Lilium Yellow Cocotte

Count in package: 3 bulbs
Plant Size: 14/16
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Lilium Yellow Cocotte

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Product Description ( Lilium Yellow Cocotte )

This variety belongs to the Asiatic hybrids. Its colour is sunny and bright. It will be perfect for a group arrangement in the garden and will add brightness to it. Looks exquisite in a bouquet. The large number of buds makes it possible to create a beautiful bouquet in a piece with just a few twigs.

Good looks and scent
The flower consists of 6 petals which are bright yellow with a burgundy border around the edge of the petals. The pistil is yellow and the stigma is crimson. The stamens are yellow, without anthers or anthers.

The stem is straight. The leaves are spirally arranged, dark green in colour, like the stem of the plant, the texture is glossy. The plant has an unobtrusive and pleasant scent.

Blossoms in July.

The inflorescence produces 6 to 9 buds.

The plant will reach a height of 110 cm.

Its flowers are star-shaped and between 15 and 20 cm in diameter.

The lily is a plant which thrives well both in outdoor gardens and at home. The flower has many cultivars and subspecies. The Yellow Cocotte lily has a large, pollen-free, tumescent inflorescence. You won't have any problems caring for it because it tolerates frosts easily, blooms early and doesn't need to be replanted for around 3-5 years. The inflorescences are yellow with black trim at a height of up to 100 cm above the ground. Peak flowering occurs in mid-summer. It prefers damp soil but will not require heavy watering. The Yellow Cocotte will make an excellent addition to a flower garden.

Product Details ( Lilium Yellow Cocotte )

More Information
Plant Height100-110 cm
Flower ColourYellow
Indoor plantNo
Suitable as cutting flowerYes
Hardiness ZoneZone 4-5
Leaf ColourGreen
Flowering MonthJuly

How to Plant ( Lilium Yellow Cocotte )

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Product Reviews ( Lilium Yellow Cocotte )

Count in package: 3 bulbs
Plant Size: 14/16
Lilium Yellow Cocotte
Lilium Yellow Cocotte