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Gladiolus Bulbs

Gladiolus Bulbs

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What’s in for your summer bouquet? It has to be gladiolus flower cuts that have incredibly beautiful flowers. TheyBuy Gladiolus bulbs, dutch have different colours you can have, and you can choose to mix them for a more striking presentation.

Gladioli are perennial cormous plants that are native to South Africa, Asia, tropical Africa, and Mediterranean Europe. These plants have a sword-like shape of their leaves and produce large flowers. They can bloom up to 12 times. Some of the most common types of gladiolus flower plants include:

Gladiolus Impressive

This is a miniature type of gladiolus plant. It has a 2 feet height and light pink flowers that have a dark interior. The plant grows in zones 5-10.

Gladiolus Elvira

It can grow in zones 5-10 and reach a height of 3 feet. This plant can survive in full sun, making it excellent for the summer period. It produces red and pink flowers. This flower has a distinctive dark spot in the petals that make it irresistible.

Gladiolus Passos

It is a beautiful flower with a beautiful colour mix of purple, red and light violet. The purple colour is dominant, and the plant can grow approximately 4 feet. The plant can perform well in zones 3-10.

When to Plant Gladiolus

Most gladiolus plants perform well in warm climates. Wait until frost is gone so you can start planting your gladiolus bulbs. Your soil should be at least 13o C when sowing.

For continuous blooms, it is advisable to plant your bulbs in intervals of 10 days. Continue planting up to early summer, but if you have small planting space, you can grow in these intervals until when your area gets full.

How to Plant Gladiolus

When looking into how to plant gladiolus bulbs, there are a few things to consider: Gladiolus deliver, order Gladiolus bulbs online

  • Soil drainage;
  • Garden preparation;
  • Size of the bulb;
  • And the planting time.

You can use fertilizers or organic manure to sow your bulbs. Your soil should drain well as wet areas are not friendly to your bulb. Additionally, your soil should be loose before putting your bulb in the ground. Here is how you plant your gladiolus:

  • Look for large gladiolus bulbs for sale to have large flowers in your bloom
  • Make 4 inches holes in your garden with 6-8 inches spacing. Mix your fertilizer or manure with the soil in the hole.
  • Plant your bulbs in the hole with the open end up. Cover the bulb and press the soil gently. Water regularly to avoid drying and not too much to prevent rotting.

TIP: If you are mixing your flowers with other plants, plant them in large groups to make them look stunning. If grown for flower cut, using rows make it easy when you want to fetch your flowers.

Where to Plant Gladiolus

Gladiolus plants can be planted in jars or gardens. To determine how deep to plant gladiolus bulbs, consider their size. When small sizes are grown in the same depth as the large ones, they can take too long to bloom

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Gladiolus Flower Colours

Gladiolus flowers certainly have an inexhaustible colour variety that makes every bouquet unique. Some of the most popular include purple, cream, hot pink, garnet red, yellow, white, coral, green, and many more. Visit our store online and look at the available gladiolus for sale.

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Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Gladiolus Bulbs

When to Plant Gladiolus Bulbs?

Gladiolus bulbs should be planted after the last expected spring frost. Depending on your climate, usually between the beginning of April to May. Gladiolus will flower 70 to 90 days after planting.

How to Plant Gladiolus Bulbs?

Gladiolus Bulbs need to be planted 8 to 15 cm deep and 5 to 7 cm apart with the flat side down. You can plant gladiolus at two-week intervals for continuous blooms. After you’ve planted the bulbs, water them generously.

When do Gladiolus Bloom and Flower?

Gladiolus start flowering 70-80 days after planting, usually between the end of July and beginning of November, depending on the planting moment.

How deep to plant gladiolus bulbs?

At a depth of 10-15 cm.

How to store gladiolus bulbs?

Store in a cool, dry place.

Why should I buy gladiolus bulbs from Holland?

Gladiolus bulbs from Holland are often of high quality, as the Netherlands is known for its expertise in bulb cultivation. Buying bulbs from Holland can ensure that you get healthy and robust plants that can thrive.