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Canna Lily

Canna Lily

Canna Lily

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Canna Lily

The vibrancy of this plant’s foliage and flowers is irresistible. Canna plants produce small flowers and have broad leaves that can either be green, purple, or yellow. The summer-blooming flowers adorn your garden with orange, pink, red, yellow, or cream colors.

Canna plants can be planted as annuals or perennials. However, most gardeners prefer growing them as perennials since their vibrancy is worth showing off. A Canna lily flower bouquet is definitely a must-choose present for a person you love. When planted as annuals, they can provide your indoors with a lively and strikingly natural feel. Some common canna lily species are:

Canna Indica

It is a South-American native species that grow in hardiness zone 10. Its roots are edible and reach a height of 0.5-2.5M. Canna indica has scarlet, magenta, or yellow flowers.

Canna Glauca

The species is resistant to several conditions. Interestingly, it can bloom in damp and shady areas. It grows to reach a height of 1.5m and thrives well in hardiness zones 10. Canna glauca produces flowers in pale colors of orange and yellow.

Canna Lily Plant and Flower

How to Care for Your Plants

The care you give to your canna lily flower garden equals the quality of flowers you get. The first step is to decide the lily species you are planting. If your species does not require growing in wet areas, you can look for fertile and well-draining soil.

Although the flower has an incredible vibrancy, it requires lots of feeding to maintain its look. Therefore, ensure you feed it with compost manure regularly or phosphate fertilizer. Its roots must never remain dry. Therefore, watering the plant is crucial for its survival and flowering.

You can maintain neatness in your garden by pruning the dried stalks of the plant. You can cut them at any time of the season, including when the sun is full. Once watered and fertilized thoroughly, it springs back fast.

If your garden or pot becomes too bushy, you can propagate your plants to create space for more flowering. Use a spatula and carefully divide the plants from the roots. Carefully lift the split part, and transfer it to another section.

Another way of taking care of canna lilies is by overwintering. That is when the ground starts freezing, remove the rhizomatous seeds, and store them in cool temperatures. Remove excess soil by shaking to enhance the longevity of your bulbs. You can also treat them with sulfur to protect them from pathogenic infections.

Canna Lily Bulbs and Plants

Canna Lily for Sale

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Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Canna Lily

How to Care for Canna Lily

Canna lilies do not require specialized care. Feeding can be done using any fertilizer since these flowers are not picky about the type of feed they receive. For continuous and healthy flowering, always deadhead your plants. Make sure your plants are well-hydrated by watering them frequently.

How to Plant Canna Lily Bulbs

Canna lily bulbs have a hard coat, which makes them challenging to sow. To break it, give your bulbs an acid bath before planting. Once they have softened, dig holes deep enough to cover the seeds during early spring and wait for them to sprout. Keep your bulbs sufficiently watered.

Where to Plant Canna Lilies

Cannas thrive well in direct sunlight. Although they can survive and produce flowers in partial shade, the flowers do not become as large and blight as when planted under direct sunlight. They can also be planted in pots for patio and walkways decorations in your home.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Canna Lilies?

Buying canna lilies does not have to incur huge traveling costs in search of the best suppliers. We offer convenience to our customers by allowing them to shop virtually at our store. We believe we are the best place in terms of service and value delivery.

What Kind of Canna Lilies Are Popular?

Different lilies create different levels of satisfaction for gardeners and florists. Roses and astilbe flowers can be used together with canna lilies to create more vibrancy in gardens and patios. It is no wonder people with a fine taste of flowers do not keep them off their favorite lists.