Peony Mothers Choice (Herbaceous)

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Peony Mothers Choice (Herbaceous)

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Product Description ( Peony Mothers Choice (Herbaceous) )

A herbaceous perennial. The Milkflower Peony 'Mather's Choice' attracts attention due to its huge, table-sized flowers and incredibly abundant blooms. An intraspecific variety. Medium late blooming. The name is translated as 'Mother's Choice'. It is very popular with florists around the world.

Its appearance
The flowers are dense, compact, rose-shaped. Their colouring is snow-white. But in the depths of the flower a creaminess and sometimes a delicate pink tone on the outer petals comes through. The additional tones make the flower even more beautiful. The lower petals are large. The inner petals are smaller, concave and serrated. All stamens are turned into petals. The flowers have a light, pleasant fragrance. The flower size is 17-20 cm in diameter. The flower stems are strong. Three or more flowers form on each of the flower stalks. The bush is compact, but may fall apart under the weight of the flowers. Therefore it needs a standard support in the form of a ring. The leaves are dark green, not large, double ternate, pointed, look great throughout the season.

The flower size is 17-20 cm in diameter.

The height of an adult plant is about 80 cm.

The width of the plant is 75-90 cm.

Flowers have a slight, pleasant fragrance.

This variety is an unpretentious plant. It is enchanting due to its lush blooms. It looks beautiful in flowerbeds and borders. Suitable for cutting. Frost-resistant and drought-resistant. Not susceptible to grey rot. An adult plant is about 80 cm tall and 75-90 cm wide. Location - full sun. The flowering period is late spring to early summer. This variety was awarded a gold medal by the American Peony Society in 1993.

Product Details ( Peony Mothers Choice (Herbaceous) )

More Information
Price per package€19,95
Plant Height105-110 cm
Flower ColourWhite
Indoor plantNo
Suitable as cutting flowerYes
Hardiness ZoneZone 3-4
Leaf ColourGreen
Flowering MonthJune

How to Plant ( Peony Mothers Choice (Herbaceous) )

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Product Reviews ( Peony Mothers Choice (Herbaceous) )

Count in package: 1 root
Plant Size: 3/5 eyes
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Peony Mothers Choice (Herbaceous)
Peony Mothers Choice (Herbaceous)