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    Clematis Collection (3 plants) - order online directly from Holland
    Clematis Collection (3 plants)
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Create a vibrant impression of your home using this climbing flower. Clematis plant is perennial in the family of Ranunculaceae. The vine needs support to climb and hang to show its beautiful foliage and flowers.

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Clematis flower is bell-shaped and is available in many hues. It can bloom in spring, summer, and fall. When planted in a flower basket, the vine drops down, creating a beautiful waterfall-like look.

Clematis for Sale

Whether you are starting or a pro gardener, we have clematis for sale to use for your gardening. You can grow them from seeds or as plants ready for transfer to the garden. Whichever type you decide to go with, we have your back.

When to Plant Clematis

Clematis plant is fragile and needs perfect timing for planting. For best yields, plant it when frost is over. It does well when the roots are in cool soil and the foliage is exposed to approximately 6 hours of sunlight daily.

How to Plant Clematis

Do you know how to plant clematis? When transferring it from a pot, make sure you dig a hole enough to cover the roots. Whether the plant is just shooting or a bit grown, do not bury its shoots.

Where to Plant Clematis

The vine performs well in soil that drains well, moist, and rich in nutrients.

Buy Clematis Online

Buy Clematis Online

Clematis plant care includes mulching to avoid drying. Although it takes longer to show its vibrancy, the vine should be watered regularly instead of abandoning it to dry.

Buy clematis plants that are a few years old, ideally 2-3years. It helps you to reduce the wait time for maturity and bloom.

If you want to know how to care for these plants, it is simple. Do not break its stems while pruning to avoid drying. Protect it from fungi infection by mulching or surrounding its base with stones.

Use clematis flower colours to show off your flower garden and inspire you to keep your home lively.