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Botanical Tulips

Botanical Tulips
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Botanical Tulip Bulbs for Your Garden

Botanical tulips are often called dwarf or wild tulips because of their small size. Botanical tulip bulbs are smaller than bulbs of most garden tulips, from 6 to 10 cm in circumference. These flowers are perfect for growing in flower beds, rockeries, and in other very limited areas. The existing variety of botanical tulips allows you to create a real kaleidoscope of colours in the garden or flower containers.

How to Grow Botanical Tulips? Botanical Tulip Bulbs

These tulips are planted in autumn. Plant the botanical tulips in a sunny area and enjoy their bountiful flowering from April to June. If you don't want to dig them out after flowering, leave them in the ground. They can stay in the ground for 4-5 years. Every spring, the bulbs will again open their magnificent flowers.

What Are the Best Botanical Tulip Bulbs Varieties?

Botanical tulips are considered the standard of beauty among the spring plants. Moreover, they are pleasant and easy to grow. But what the best botanical tulip bulbs varieties should you pay attention to? Among the most popular species tulips can be distinguished the following ones:

  • Saxatilis;
  • Tarda botanical tulip (Dasystemon);
  • Lilac Wonder;
  • Little Star;
  • Little Beauty.

Botanical Tulip Bulbs for Sale: Where to Buy Wild Tulips?

Wildflowers are becoming increasingly popular among gardeners, attracting them with their natural, primeval beauty. The most popular spring flowers are tulips. So, if you want to create a real botanical garden with beautiful tulips in front of your house, you need to buy botanical tulips. Most of the services move to the Internet, and the plants’ purchase is no exception. So, how to choose a reliable site with the best botanical tulip bulbs for sale?

  • Read the clients' reviews. They will help you to understand whether the site is reliable or not;
  • Seek a good online store with a wide range of products;
  • Pay attention to the prices.

Buy quality tulip bulbs from reliable stores and create the most beautiful garden full of bright colours and beautiful scents.