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Darwin Hybrid Tulips🌷

Darwin Hybrid Tulips🌷
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Darwin Hybrid Tulip Bulbs for Your Garden

Darwin hybrid tulip bulbs were developed in the Netherlands and, in 1960, were grouped into a separate class. Bright and giant flowers of these tulips look very colorful and serve as a beautiful decoration of the spring garden. Tulips of this group are ideal for cutting, as well as for growing in flower beds. They look the best in single-color groups, but multi-colored compositions also look fantastic. These tulips look great when they grow among the evergreen shrubs.

Darwin Tulips Description Darwin Tulips Bulbs

Darwin hybrid tulips impress with their large size. In height, they can reach 60-80 cm, and the diameter of some flowers can exceed 10 cm. Darwin tulips bloom from the end of April to May. The petals of these tulips have elegant goblet-like shapes that open wide under the bright sun.

This group of tulips is considered to be unpretentious; they like the sun or penumbra, and the water-permeable fertile soil. Start planting the bulbs in autumn in pre-prepared soil. Plant the Darwin tulips bulbs at a distance of 15-20 cm. To maintain a bright bloom, don't forget to buy and plant new bulbs regularly.

What Are the Best Darwin Tulip Bulbs Varieties?

Usually, these flowers have a dark bottom and petals of various shades of red, white, orange, pink, and yellow. There are also bicolor tulips, but there are no purple shades of these tulips.

The best Darwin tulip bulbs varieties are the following:

  • Blushing Apeldoorn;
  • Double Beauty of Apeldoorn;
  • Big Chief.

Thanks to its bright color, Darwin tulips dominate almost any composition. To make your garden even brighter, you can plant the mix of Darwin tulips.

Tulip Bulbs in Paper bags

Where and How to Buy Darwin Tulip Bulbs?

Nowadays, there are a lot of online stores offering Darwin tulip bulbs for sale. Choose a reliable store to purchase the qualitative bulbs. First of all, pay your attention to the clients’ reviews. In this way, you will be able to understand whether the store is trustworthy or not. Secondly, a good store will always have a wide selection of annual and perennial plants.

When you buy double tulip bulbs, choose hard and large ones. They will grow into large flowers. But never take sprouted, soft, or damaged bulbs.

Buying bulbs only from reliable stores, you will be able to turn your garden into a real paradise with beautiful and fragrant flowers.