Crocosmia Small Flowering Mixturr

Count in package: 10 bulbs/corms
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Crocosmia Small Flowering Mixturr

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Product Description ( Crocosmia Small Flowering Mixturr )

Crocosmia - or montbreccia is a tuberous, herbaceous, perennial plant. The bulb is small and covered with scales. Flowers, 3 to 5 in number, are arranged in paniculate inflorescences. Plant height to 60-90 cm. It has a slender, straight stem with light green, narrow, paniculate erect leaves. Flowers up to 3 - 4 cm in diameter, aggregated in small paniculate inflorescence. The flowers are yellow or orange-red. Flowering occurs in June or August. During flowering the plant is incredibly beautiful. Its brightly coloured flowers last a long time in a cut (up to two weeks). But cut them off at the second bud stage. By cutting the flower, the bulb will begin to grow more vigorously. Crocosmia inflorescences can be dried for winter bouquets. When dried, they retain their shape and colouring. Crocosmia need a lot of light to flower. So plant it in an open, sunny spot in the garden. The soil should be nutritious, rich in humus and moderately moist. It doesn't like stagnant water. Overwatering often causes the corms to rot.

The small-flowered crocosmia species overwinter in the ground under cover. In October, cover them with a layer of dry leaves and a film on top to keep them dry for the winter. Plants which overwinter in the ground grow strong, bloom earlier and last longer. Crocosmias that overwinter outdoors need to be divided and replanted every three years.

Product Details ( Crocosmia Small Flowering Mixturr )

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Price per package€2,95
SubvarietiesCrocosmia Small Flowering, Summer Flowering Bulb
Plant Height50-60 cm
Leaf ColourGreen

How to Plant ( Crocosmia Small Flowering Mixturr )

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Count in package: 10 bulbs/corms
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Crocosmia Small Flowering Mixturr
Crocosmia Small Flowering Mixturr