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Pink Amaryllis

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Why Are Pink Amaryllis Bulbs So Popular?

Amaryllis is one of the most beautiful flowering houseplants. It's a perennial bulbous plant that belongs to the Amaryllis family. Pink Amaryllis is one of the most beautiful houseplants. That's why pink Amaryllis bulbs are popular among the flower growers. Despite the short flowering period, the plant brings the aesthetic pleasure when you look at the large inflorescences with a subtle aroma.

Pink Amaryllis Description

Previously, the Amaryllis was classified as Hippeastrum. Now it represents a separate genus of bulbous plants. The bulb of the pink Amaryllis produces a long stem, the height of which exceeds 40 centimeters. An inflorescence is formed on it. The leaves are dark green, and they begin to grow from the root. The number of flowers can reach 12. The flowers bloom in September. Pink Amaryllis flowers look very delicate and nice. They can adorn any windowsill.  Besides, they don’t require special care.

What Are the Best Pink Amaryllis Bulbs Varieties?

Among the best pink Amaryllis bulbs varieties can be distinguished the following ones:

  • Amaryllis Apple Blossom;
  • Amaryllis Pink Surprise;
  • Amaryllis Hercules.

Choose the variety that is the most beautiful from your point of view and decorate your house with the beautiful flowers.

Where to Find Pink Amaryllis Bulbs for Sale?

You can find pink Amaryllis bulbs for sale at one of the online stores. There are a lot of them on the Internet. The one condition is to choose a reliable store. Our online store sells only qualitative products. You can buy pink Amaryllis bulbs of a high quality if you make an order from our official site. Choose the best flower bulbs at affordable prices and enjoy beautiful plants at your home and in your garden.