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Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious - flower bulbs and perennial plants from Holland

Plant Size: 30/32
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Package Content: 1 bulb

Product Description - Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious

Amaryllis Double Delicious (hippeastrum 'Double Delicious', Double Flowered Amaryllis). New! The blazing red petals of this amaryllis are an eye-catcher and a joy to behold. The terry flowers are up to 20cm in diameter. They are coloured scarlet red with a shimmering white along the centres. The flowering stem has 4-6 flowers. Therefore, this variety is ideal for New Year and Christmas presents. The carefully prepared bulbs we deliver to you will only require warm temperatures, plenty of light and water. And in return, they will give a truly spectacular show. Our bulbs are guaranteed to produce two flower-bearing stems, most with four enchanting flowers. Amaryllis are easy to grow year after year. Flowering time: 8-10 weeks after planting. They can be grown in pots and other decorative containers. Use for decoration and as cut flowers in a vase.

In winter, be careful that the roots of the plant in the pot do not get too cold. When ventilating the room, open the vent with care. Or move the amaryllis to another room. The leaves remain green after blooming and continue to grow. Then they die off. The plant begins its dormancy period. The plants are not watered and are thus left to rest for 3 to 4 months. The bulb can be removed from the pot during this time, but the roots must be protected from drying out. The bulb is kept indoors at room temperature during the resting period. Height of the plant: 50-60 cm. Buy hippeastrum bulbs by mail our online shop offers high germination tubers at the lowest prices.

Product Details - Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious
More Information
Price per package€10,95
SubvarietiesDouble Flowering Amaryllis
Plant Height45-50 cm
Plant Size30/32
Flower ColourRed
Indoor plantYes
Suitable as cutting flowerYes
Hardiness ZoneZone 7-8
Leaf ColourGreen
Flowering MonthMarch

How to Plant - Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious

Guide and tips for planting amaryllis(hippeastrum) bulbs

  • Choose a pot that is at least 4 cm wider than the bulb and has drainage holes in the bottom.

  • Fill the pot with well-draining soil, leaving about 2 cm of space at the top.

  • Place the bulb in the center of the pot, with the pointed end facing up.

  • Cover the bulb with soil, leaving the top one-third of the bulb exposed.

  • Water the soil until it is evenly moist, but not waterlogged.

  • Place the pot in a warm, bright location with indirect sunlight.

  • Water the plant only when the top inch of soil is dry to the touch.

  • As the plant grows, support the stalk with a stake to prevent it from bending or breaking.

  • After the flowers have faded, cut the stem off at the base and continue to care for the plant by watering it regularly and providing it with bright, indirect sunlight.

Delivery - Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious

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Product Reviews - Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious

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Package Content: 1 bulb
Plant Size: 30/32
Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Delicious