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Peony Sarah Bernhardt (Herbaceous)

Plant Size: 3/5 eyes
Delivery period: Delivery will start on March 20
Count in package: 1 bare root plant

Product Description

Peony Sarah Bernhardt (Herbaceous)

Pink peonies will always be in vogue. But there are varieties that will grow and enjoy themselves without frequent agronomic care or watering. The Sarah Bernhardt peony is such a natural and beautiful variety.

Appearance and fragrance
This is a very delicate type of pink peony. On large, deep green bushes, lush flowers appear as early as early summer. They resemble airy cherry ice cream or delicate whipped cream. The main petals are on the edge to form a bowl. It is filled with small, slightly elongated petals.

The strong stems give the plant a certain stiffness. However, the fragrance that emerges with the first buds replaces the cool green gloss with a spicy dessert. The scent is sweet, medium-bodied and will not change over time.

Height: up to 90 cm

Flowering time: June

Bud shape: hemispherical

Diameter of the inflorescence: 20 centimetres

Colour: deep pink

The Sarah Bernhardt peony is a herbaceous perennial. The plant is 90-110 cm tall. Lush dark green foliage which lasts until late autumn. The buds are thickly tipped, rose-lilac shaped, with light pink edges. The flower diameter is 20 cm. The fragrance is very pleasant. A medium-late flowering time. Plant and transplant only in autumn, planting depth 5 cm, distance 50 cm. This peony blooms in July.

Product Details

Peony Sarah Bernhardt (Herbaceous)
More Information
Price per package€9,95
SubvarietiesDouble Peonies, Perennial Plant
Plant Height60-90 cm
Flower ColourPink
Indoor plantNo
Suitable as cutting flowerYes
Hardiness ZoneZone 3-4
Leaf ColourGreen
Flowering MonthJune

How to Plant

Peony Sarah Bernhardt (Herbaceous)

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Peony Sarah Bernhardt (Herbaceous)

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Count in package: 1 bare root plant
Plant Size: 3/5 eyes
€8,96 €9,95
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Peony Sarah Bernhardt (Herbaceous)
Peony Sarah Bernhardt (Herbaceous)

Peony Sarah Bernhardt (Herbaceous)