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Dark-Red Amaryllis

Dark-Red Amaryllis

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Discover the Beauty of Dark-Red Amaryllis

Explore the allure of Dark-Red Amaryllis and bring an air of sophistication and allure to your garden. Our assortment is directly sourced from the renowned flower haven of Holland and hand-selected by our team of specialists, ensuring that you receive only top-tier bulbs.

These exquisite flowers possess remarkable adaptability, making them a delightful choice for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Their profound and luxurious hue effortlessly elevates any setting, while their low-maintenance nature makes them a perfect fit for both newcomers and seasoned gardeners alike.

Uncover a diverse selection of sought-after Dark-Red Amaryllis varieties available for purchase, each flaunting its own distinctive traits. The Red Lion exudes a mesmerizing deep crimson shade, while the Ferrari showcases elegant white stripes. Gardeners hold a special place for the Minerva, admired for its captivating deep crimson blooms.

Why Choose Our Dark-Red Amaryllis buy dark-red Amaryllis, order dark-red Amaryllis

Our Holland Dark-Red Amaryllis bulbs are sourced directly from Holland, the land of flowers. This ensures that you receive only the highest quality bulbs that have been grown and nurtured in ideal conditions.

Our expert team handpicks each bulb from The Netherlands to ensure that you receive only the finest quality Dark-Red Amaryllis. We take great care in selecting the best bulbs, so you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible product.

The Versatility of Dark-Red Amaryllis

The Netherlands Dark-Red Amaryllis is perfect for indoor and outdoor planting, giving you the flexibility to create a stunning display anywhere in your home or garden. These flowers are incredibly easy to grow and maintain, making them ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners.

How to Care for Dark-Red Amaryllis

When planting Dark-Red Amaryllis bulbs, it's important to choose a location that receives partial to full sunlight. The bulbs should be planted in well-draining soil, with the pointed end facing up and the top of the bulb just above the soil surface. Space bulbs about 6 inches apart.

For outdoor planting, the ideal planting time is in the fall, before the first frost. For indoor planting, bulbs can be planted at any time of the year.

Dark-Red Amaryllis bulbs should be watered regularly, but not overwatered. Allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings, and be sure to not let the soil become too wet.

During the growing season, fertilize the bulbs every 3-4 weeks with a balanced fertilizer. After blooming, reduce watering and stop fertilizing to allow the foliage to die back naturally.

By following these planting and care tips, you can ensure optimal growth and a stunning display of Dark-Red Amaryllis blooms.

Most Popular Varieties of Dark-Red Amaryllis

Discover an extraordinary assortment of Dark-Red Amaryllis, encompassing the most sought-after and breathtaking varieties like Red Lion, Ferrari, and Minerva. Embrace the distinctive charm of each variety, from Red Lion's captivating deep red color to the elegant white stripes adorning the Ferrari. Unveil a realm of botanical wonders that will leave you enchanted.

Variety comparison table


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Red Lion


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25 cm


Transform Your Garden with Dark-Red Amaryllis

Buy Dark-Red Amaryllis from The Netherlands for a truly stunning addition to your garden. Dressed in their deep, rich hues and adorned with striking blooms, Dark-Red Amaryllis are destined to make an unmistakable statement in any flower bed. Their unparalleled versatility allows you to craft captivating and one-of-a-kind floral displays that are certain to leave a lasting impression on all who behold them..

With the variety of Holland Dark-Red Amaryllis bulbs available, you can create a striking display of color that is sure to impress. Mix and match different varieties to create a unique combination of colors and textures that will make your garden stand out.

Indulge in the enchantment of Dark-Red Amaryllis, whether you opt for the Red Lion's deep red blooms or the Minerva's crimson petals. Whichever you select, rest assured that your floral displays will exude a truly stunning allure.

Order Your Dark-Red Amaryllis Today

Ordering the Netherlands Dark-Red Amaryllis bulbs has never been easier. Our online store allows you to quickly and conveniently browse our collection and place your order with just a few clicks.

We take great care in packaging and shipping your Dark-Red Amaryllis bulbs to ensure that they arrive in optimal condition. Our secure delivery service ensures that your bulbs will be delivered right to your doorstep, ready for planting.

Order Dark-Red Amaryllis bulbs online now and experience the convenience of secure delivery to your doorstep.

Dark-Red Amaryllis: A Symbol of Elegance

Dark-Red Amaryllis, an exquisite flower, carries profound symbolism of elegance and beauty. Belonging to the Amaryllis genus, native to South and Central America, these stunning blooms are renowned for their large and captivating appearance, available in a variety of colors, including the alluring dark red. dark-red Amaryllis for sale, the Netherlands dark-red Amaryllis

The deep red hue of the Amaryllis is imbued with profound emotions, symbolizing love, passion, and desire. Its association with elegance and sophistication has led to its widespread use in formal events and special occasions, adding a touch of grace to floral arrangements and decorations.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the dark-red Amaryllis holds cultural and historical significance. In the realm of Greek mythology, it draws its name from the lovestruck shepherdess Amaryllis, who ardently pursued the affection of a shepherd named Alteo. In her final attempt to win his heart, she pierced herself with a golden arrow, and as her blood touched the ground, the resplendent Amaryllis flower blossomed, forever carrying the essence of romance and passion.

Holland's Finest Amaryllis Collection

Our Holland Dark-Red Amaryllis collection is sourced with expertise and care, ensuring that you receive only the best. We work closely with growers in the Netherlands to bring you the finest selection of Dark-Red Amaryllis.

Cultivate the Beauty of Dark-Red Amaryllis

Elevate your gardening experience with Dark-Red Amaryllis. These flowers are incredibly easy to grow and maintain, making them ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners. Order Dark-Red Amaryllis for sale now and transform your garden today.

Enhance Your Space with Dark-Red Amaryllis

Immerse your home or garden in a mesmerizing tapestry of colors with our alluring Dark-Red Amaryllis collection. Elevate your surroundings with a touch of timeless elegance, as these captivating flowers effortlessly infuse any space with beauty and grace. Embrace their remarkable adaptability, allowing you to create enchanting displays both indoors and outdoors, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold their splendor.

Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Dark-Red Amaryllis

What is Dark-Red Amaryllis, and why should I choose it?

Experience the allure of Dark-Red Amaryllis, a breathtaking flower boasting deep, rich colors that infuse elegance into any setting. Our exclusive collection hails straight from Holland, guaranteeing you the finest quality bulbs, meticulously cultivated and nurtured in ideal conditions. These versatile beauties thrive effortlessly with minimal care, making them the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor planting, allowing you to create stunning displays wherever you desire.

What are some of the most popular varieties of Dark-Red Amaryllis?

Unearth a treasure trove of the most sought-after and captivating Dark-Red Amaryllis varieties in our collection, featuring the Red Lion, Ferrari, and Minerva. Each one possesses its own extraordinary traits, from the Red Lion's striking deep red color to the Ferrari's intricate white stripes, ensuring a stunning array of options for your floral indulgence.

How long does it take for Dark-Red Amaryllis to bloom?

Dark-Red Amaryllis typically takes 6-8 weeks to bloom after planting. It's important to note that this can vary depending on factors such as temperature and light conditions.

Can I plant Dark-Red Amaryllis bulbs indoors?

Yes! Dark-Red Amaryllis bulbs are perfect for indoor planting and can be planted at any time of the year. Just be sure to choose a location that receives plenty of sunlight.

How do I place an order for Dark-Red Amaryllis?

Placing an order for Dark-Red Amaryllis is easy! Just visit our online store and browse our collection. Once you've found the bulbs you want, simply add them to your cart and proceed to checkout.