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Greigii Tulips

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Greigii Tulip Bulbs in Landscape Design

Early tulips include Greigii tulips, which bloom from March to April. It's recommended to grow Greigii tulips in large groups. These short tulips look good in flower beds and rock gardens. They are also perfect for decorating large areas. The Greigii tulip bulbs are also suitable for flower pots.

Greigii Tulips Description

Varieties of this group of tulips have quite strong peduncles; their height is approximately 30-40 cm. The flowers are exquisitely goblet-shaped. A distinctive feature of Greigii tulips is their wide, wavy leaves with an unusual variegated color.

The following information is for those who want to know how to care for Greigii tulips. You need to plant these tulips from the end of August to September. Add some fertilizer after planting the bulbs in the garden. Additional fertilizing can be done in autumn or spring using special fertilizers for bulbous plants.

What Are the Best Greigii Tulip Bulbs Varieties? Greigii Tulip Bulbs

Here are the best Greigii tulip bulbs varieties.

  • Tulip Pinnocchio - the tulip is law; its stems reach 20-25 cm. They are straight, dense, and strong. The flowers begin to bloom at the end of May. The height of elegant buds is up to 8 cm.
  • Tulip Toronto has short stems, about 20-25 cm. Medium-high buds are narrowed to the top. The tulip has petals of medium density, colored in red.
  • Tulip Casa Grande reaches 20-35 cm in height. The color of the buds is red. The tulip has a beautiful shape and fantastic fragrance.
  • Tulip Calypso reaches 20-35 cm in height. The color of the buds is salmon.

Where to Buy Greigii Tulips?

If you are searching for Greigii tulip for sale, you can find them in the online stores.  Choose a reliable store and buy Greigii tulips. They will help you to create a beautiful garden.