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Kaufmanniana Tulips

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The Advantage of Kaufmanniana Tulip Bulbs

Kaufmanniana tulips are a variety of botanical tulips. These tulips are low, 15-20 cm high. They bloom in early spring. These tulips have one distinctive feature – the unique star-shaped flowers. The advantage of the Kaufmanniana tulip bulbs – they can grow in the same place for a long time.

Kaufmanniana Tulips Description

The earliest tulips are Kaufmanniana tulips. They bloom in April, opening their bright buds under the warm rays of the sun. Their height is from 15 to 30 cm, sometimes up to 50 cm. The flowers are bright, star-shaped.

Here is information for those who want to know how to care for Kaufmanniana tulips. In regions with warm winters, you can plant the Kaufmanniana tulips in the open ground in autumn; in a year, they will bloom profusely. Before planting, the soil should be well fertilized. These tulips need regular and abundant watering at least two times a week.

What Are the Best Kaufmanniana Tulip Bulbs Varieties? Kaufmanniana Tulip Bulbs

These tulip bulbs are considered to be the best Kaufmanniana tulip bulbs varieties:

  • Tulip Showwinner is a low tulip, reaches about 25-30 cm. The leaves reach up to 20-25 cm; they are narrow, green with red stripes. Goblet-shaped flowers are colored in red.
  • Tulip Heart's Delight is up to 18-20 cm in height. It has dense, erect stems, and short leaves, narrow and elongated. The inner side of the petals is milky-white; the outer side is bright red.
  • Tulip Giuseppe Verdi is very low, up to 30 cm in height. The stems are dense but short. This variety belongs to the yellow Kaufmanniana tulips.

Where to Buy Kaufmanniana Tulips?

You can buy Kaufmanniana tulips in our online store. There are hundreds of them on the Internet providing Kaufmanniana tulip bulbs for sale. Order the bulbs only from the reliable online stores!