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Longiflorum Lilies

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Where to Grow Longiflorum Lily Bulbs?

Longiflorum lilies have large tubular flowers with a strong sweet aroma. Longiflorum lily bulbs are suitable for growing in a greenhouse. They can also grow in the open ground.

Longiflorum Lilies Description

Longiflorum lilies are petite and extremely attractive. The strong stem with light green leaves emphasizes white flowers that look like large bells. The flowers have a subtle, delicate fragrance; they are up to 15 cm long. The flower blooms from June to August.

What are the Best Longiflorum Lilium Bulbs Varieties?

Longiflorum lily is sometimes called Easter lily because it blooms on the Easter holiday eve. The following lilies are one of the best longiflorum lilium bulbs varieties:

  • Snow Queen;
  • Dolcetto;
  • Philippine

Due to the fact that they are not frost-resistant, they are replaced by varieties obtained by hybrid combining.

Where to Find Longiflorum Lilies Bulbs for Sale?

You can find longiflorum lilies at the online stores. Our online store offers the best longiflorum lilies bulbs for sale.  Visit the site of our store to buy longiflorum liliums. Purchasing qualitative bulbs from our store, you will make the most beautiful blossoming garden.