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Mini Amaryllis Bulbs

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What Are Mini Amaryllis Bulbs Perfect For?

Amaryllis is a flower of extraordinary beauty. It has a thin stem with large inflorescences. The flowers can be of diverse shades; they have a light sensual aroma. Mini Amaryllis bulbs are perfect for indoor planting. They look elegant and nice.

Mini Amaryllis Description

A plant of the Amaryllis genus (don't confuse it with a hippeastrum) is a perennial. It's a bulbous plant, with long Mini Amaryllis Bulbsstraight leaves. Amaryllis leaves are arranged one above the other. The bulbs have an oblong pear-like shape; the length of the bulb is 10-12 cm. The shades of flower stalks are very diverse: bright red, purple, pinkish, beige. There are different varieties. Mini Amaryllis plants are characterized by smaller sizes. The flower reaches a size of up to 8 cm. The petals are semicircular, with sharp ends. The plants bloom in September.

What Are the Best Mini Amaryllis Bulbs Varieties?

The indoor amaryllis bulbs are among the best mini Amaryllis bulbs varieties. They can be of different colors. White mini Amaryllis plants look especially delicate. Besides, they don’t need special care. Plant mini Amaryllis plants of different colors to add more charm to your dwelling.

Where to Find Mini Amaryllis Bulbs for Sale?

There are plenty of online stores offering the mini Amaryllis bulbs for sale. But where to find a reliable store? Our online store offers the flower bulbs of a high quality. Visit our official site to see our products and to buy Amaryllis bulbs at moderate prices. Our store is aimed at providing our clients with the best flower bulbs. Using the services of our store, you will be able to grow the most beautiful flowers on your window sill and in your garden.