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Outdoor Garden Amaryllis

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Outdoor Garden Amaryllis Bulbs for Your Beautiful Garden

Most gardeners are sure that Amaryllis is exclusively a houseplant, and it should never be planted in the ground. In fact, there is a special variety – outdoor garden Amaryllis, which is intended for the garden planting to decorate it. Plant outdoor garden Amaryllis bulbs in your garden and admire their beautiful flowers.

Outdoor Garden Amaryllis Description

South Africa is home to the outdoor garden Amaryllis. The plant is quite lush; it has a straight and wide peduncle, Outdoor Garden Amaryllisbeautiful flowers, and bright green leaves. The bulbs are strong and massive. The length of an ordinary leaf is about twenty – five centimeters, and the width is about six centimeters. Amaryllis (don't confuse it with a hippeastrum) is a perennial plant; it has many varieties, differing in the length of the petals and their colors. The plants don't require special care. If you want your Amaryllis plants to bloom profusely, add fertilizers.

What Are the Best Outdoor Garden Amaryllis Bulbs Varieties?

Among the best outdoor garden Amaryllis bulbs varieties, the following ones can be distinguished:

  • Amaryllis Red Garden;
  • Amaryllis Balentino.

The list of plants can be continued, of course. If you want to have a gorgeous flower in your garden, plant an outdoor garden Amaryllis. It looks spectacular.

Where to Get the Outdoor Garden Amaryllis Bulbs for Sale?

You can find the outdoor garden Amaryllis bulbs for sale at the online stores. There are plenty of them on the Internet.  Choose the one that suits you the most. Our online store offers to buy  Amaryllis bulbs at moderate prices. To make an order, skip to the website of our online store. We will help you to grow the most beautiful flowers in your garden.