Multi Flowering Tulips

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Brief Information About Multi Flowering Tulip Bulbs

There are not many varieties of bulbous plants with multiple stems. One of them is multi-flowering tulips, or bouquet tulips. There are several varieties of the multi flowering tulip bulbs: double, fringed, monochromic, and multicolored, early or late. They need to be carefully cared for because many varieties have a tendency to degenerate.

How to Care for Multi-Flowering Tulips?

Buy only large "extra" bulbs. There is a high probability that small ones will give underdeveloped buds or single flowers in the first year. The diameter of a good multi-flowered bulb is at least 4 cm.

The soil must be fertile, but loose, with drainage. The multi-flowering tulips must be watered regularly. Before planting, organic fertilizer should be added to the soil if you want to have the best multi headed or double headed tulips.

Multi flowering family tulips

What Are the Best Multi Flowering Tulip Bulbs Varieties?

The following best multi flowering tulip bulbs varieties can be distinguished:

  • Tulip Antoinette blooms in early May, sometimes late in April, forming up to 6 buds. Its yellow petals gradually turn red during its growth.
  • Tulip Candy Club belongs to the" chameleons. " A crimson rimming gradually appears on the white petals, and specks of the same color are increased and get a blurry outline.
  • Tulip Happy Family is one of the best late-blooming varieties. Its color is purple-pink with a slightly light rimming. Tulips' peduncles are low, but firm.

Where to Buy Multi Flowering Tulips?

It’s better to buy multi flowering tulips in the large garden stores or reliable online stores.  There are a lot of online stores on the Internet offering multi-flowering tulip bulbs for sale. Choose a trustworthy one and plant the most beautiful flowers in your garden!