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Rembrandt Tulips

Rembrandt Tulips

Rembrandt Tulips

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Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Rembrandt Tulips

When should I order Dutch Rembrandt tulip bulbs?

The best time to order Rembrandt tulip bulbs is usually in late summer or early autumn, about 6-8 weeks before the first expected frost in your region. This allows the bulbs to become established in the ground before winter arrives.

Can I store Rembrandt tulip bulbs after flowering?

Yes, after the leaves have turned yellow, you can carefully dig up the bulbs, remove the excess soil and store them in a cool, dry place until it is time to plant them again next year.

Are there any special tips to encourage strong flowers?

Yes, fertilise the soil in spring, before the tulips sprout, with a balanced flower fertiliser. Make sure the plants get enough sunlight and have the right amount of water.

Where can you buy Dutch Rembrandt tulip bulbs?

You can buy Dutch Rembrandt tulip bulbs online from our flower shop. We offer a wide selection of high quality bulbs, including Triteleia, which can be delivered directly to your door. Visit our website to discover our current collection of bulbs and other flower varieties.

When do Rembrandt tulips flower?

Rembrandt tulips usually flower in late spring, usually between April and May. The exact flowering time can vary depending on climate and location.