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Viridiflora Tulips

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What Are Green Viridiflora Tulip Bulbs?

Spring primroses please us with a rich palette of shades. Plant breeders from different countries have been working on creating new types and varieties of tulips for more than a hundred years. As a result, there exist different types of tulips nowadays. Viridiflora or green-flowered tulips stand out by their colors. There are not many varieties of green Viridiflora tulip bulbs, but each variety impresses with an incredible combination of colors.

Viridiflora Tulips Description

One of the main characteristics of Viridiflora tulips is the green leaves of the perianth. The green stripes of Viridiflora tulips are the result of plant breeding, so all tulips of this class are hybrids. The flowering period and size may vary slightly for different varieties. Due to this fact, you can easily combine group plantings and get continuously blooming beds of tulips. Currently, more than 30 varieties of these perennial tulips are known. Viridiflora Tulip Bulbs

What Are the Best Green Tulip Bulbs Varieties?

The following best green tulip bulbs varieties can be distinguished:

  • Tulip Virichic has pink-green color of buds. It looks good in a group planting. The plant height is 45 cm. The flower height is 8-10 cm. The tulip blooms at the end of April.
  • Tulip Green Spirit is an elegant variety that will delight with two-colored flowers. The height of this tulip is 50-60 cm. The petals are long and wide, with rounded edges. The flowers bloom in late spring (at the end of May).

Where to Buy Viridiflora Tulips?

Buy Viridiflora tulips in advance to plant them in autumn. Nowadays, there are hundreds of stores on the Internet that offer green tulip bulbs for sale. Choose a reliable store and create a fantastic garden full of colorful tulips!