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Anemone Lord Lieutenant

Anemone Lord Lieutenant - flower bulbs and perennial plants from Holland

Plant Size: 5/6
Delivery period: Delivery across Europe within 2-4 working days
Package Content: 15 bulbs

Product Description - Anemone Lord Lieutenant

Anemone Lord Lieutenant

About Anemone Lord Lieutenant Bulbs and Flowers

Anemone Lord Lieutenant, known for its enchanting deep blue petals and contrasting bright white center, is a true symbol of sophistication and grace. Its unique coloration sets it apart from the ordinary, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate the extraordinary.

How to plant Anemone Lord Lieutenant?

Plant your Anemone Lord Lieutenant in potting mix with the top third of the bulb sticking up out of the soil. Place the pot near a bright window, where it can receive a lot of sunlight. When the bulb sprouts, begin watering regularly around the bulb. After sprouting, turn the pot regularly, because stalks will grow toward the sunlight.

Flowering Period

Anemone Lord Lieutenant blooms during the late spring and early summer months, gracing your gardens and floral arrangements with its striking presence. Whether you're looking to enhance your outdoor space or create a stunning bouquet for a special event, the flowering period of Anemone Lord Lieutenant aligns perfectly with the season of vibrant life and celebration.

Product Details - Anemone Lord Lieutenant

Anemone Lord Lieutenant
More Information
Price per package€4,55
Plant Height25-30 cm
Plant Size5/6
Flower ColourBlue
Leaf ColourGreen

How to Plant - Anemone Lord Lieutenant

Anemone Lord Lieutenant

Kukkasipuleiden ja perennojen istutusohjeet ja vinkit

  • Valitse laadukkaat sipulit ja kasvit
  • Valitse oikea paikka puutarhassasi
  • Säädä ajoitus oikein
  • Kasvata sipulit ja perennat riittävän syvälle
  • Asenna kukkasipulit terävä puoli ylöspäin
  • Anna niille hyvä multa
  • Kastele hyvin
  • Iloita kukinnasta keväällä

Delivery - Anemone Lord Lieutenant

Anemone Lord Lieutenant

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Product Reviews - Anemone Lord Lieutenant

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Package Content: 15 bulbs
Plant Size: 5/6
€2,05 €4,55
Anemone Lord Lieutenant
Anemone Lord Lieutenant

Anemone Lord Lieutenant