Crocosmia Carmine Brillant

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Crocosmia Carmine Brillant

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Product Description ( Crocosmia Carmine Brillant )

The 'Carmin Brillant' variety is a hardy plant with a memorable appearance. When it blooms, it looks like a bonfire! It produces clumps of green sword-shaped leaves, with tall, bulging inflorescences of funnel-shaped flowers. The branching stems rise above the foliage in summer, producing red buds that open into carmine-red flowers with yellow throats. Their strap-like leaves are also attractive and provide an upright accent. Crocosmia melkoflorescens is a colourful exotic! It will delight you with its blooms in mid to late summer. Belongs to the Crocosmia Small Flowering Collection.

The Crocosmia Small Flowering Collection also includes other equally popular crocosmia or montbrezia cultivars. These are Crocosmia Fire King (red flowers), Red King (with orange-red flowers). Several named varieties are now available, in a range of hot flowers. The plants are 60-75 cm tall and 10-30 cm wide. The growth rate is medium.

Species features:

Crocosmia or montbreccia, or Japanese gladiolus, is a tuberous, herbaceous, perennial plant.
The tuberous bulb is small and covered with reticulate scales.
Flowers are 3-5 in a series of showy inflorescences.
Flowers are up to 3-4 cm in diameter.
During flowering, this plant is incredibly beautiful.
Its bright flowers last a long time in a cut.
But cut them off at the second bud stage.
The bulb will then begin to grow more intensively.
The plant has a slender, straight stem, with light green, narrowly tapering upright leaves.
Crocosmia inflorescences can be dried for winter bouquets. They retain their shape and colouring when dried.
Crocosmia need a lot of light to flower. So plant it in an open, sunny spot in the garden. The soil should be nutritious, rich in humus and moderately moist. It doesn't like stagnant water. Overwatering often causes the corms to rot. Plant can tolerate temperatures as low as -29°C. Application: for planting in containers, creating borders or mass plantings. They blend well with both annuals and perennials. The plant stands in a vase for up to 2 weeks, gradually opening its buds. The dried inflorescences exude a faint aroma of saffron or crocus (hence the name crocosmia).

In colder regions, the corms can be kept as gladioli. They can overwinter in pots in frost-free rooms, or they can be mulched with a thick layer of mulch outdoors.

Dig the plants up for the winter in dry weather in late October as they grow and store nutrients until then. Shake the bulbs and their offspring off the ground, trim the leaves and stems to around 5 cm, then leave them to dry out for a few days. Then place them in a box or paper bag, cover with peat and store indoors or in a cellar at a temperature of 5-7°C. Note that:

Plant Crocosmia or Montbreccia in the open ground: in cold regions only in spring and in warm regions in spring and autumn.
For planting in the garden, choose a bright location with fertile and well-drained soil and full sun.
Crocosmia can also grow in light shade.
Plant the tubers to a depth of 10 cm, at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other.
After planting, water abundantly and mulch the plants. Resume watering after the emergence of sprouts (every week for up to 10 days).
Fertilise the crocosmia with mineral or organic fertiliser after its shoots reach a height of 6-8 cm.
After flowering, cut back the flower stems as the flower disperses seeds.

Product Details ( Crocosmia Carmine Brillant )

More Information
Price per package€3,45
SubvarietiesCrocosmia Small Flowering, Summer Flowering Bulb
Plant Height60-75 cm
Indoor plantNo
Suitable as cutting flowerNo
Hardiness ZoneZone 3-4
Leaf ColourGreen

How to Plant ( Crocosmia Carmine Brillant )

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Product Reviews ( Crocosmia Carmine Brillant )

Count in package: 10 bulbs/corms
Plant Size: 1st size
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Crocosmia Carmine Brillant
Crocosmia Carmine Brillant