Dahlia Yarra Falls

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Dahlia Yarra Falls

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Product Description ( Dahlia Yarra Falls )

A medium-sized border dahlia with variegated flowers that will add colour and interest to any garden. It belongs to the group of ornamental dahlias (group 5). Introduced in 1992. Originator: Ingram, L (Australia). This variety is ideal for beginner flower growers. It will also make a fine addition to any bouquet and floral arrangement. Its basket-like inflorescences in shades of purple (the main colour) and white are sure to please you. The centre is a lemon shade. The inflorescences look very striking against a background of green leaves. The flowers are fully terry-shaped and have a medium size, varying from 15 to 20cm in diameter. The inflorescences are made up of reeded and tubular flowers. The reed flowers are large and flat in shape. They are pointed, slightly twisted, bent toward the stem and spreading out in all directions from the middle of the flower. The tubular flowers, on the other hand, are unsightly, small in size.

The bush is erect with sturdy stems. Like all dahlias, it flowers for a long time, from mid-July until the first frost. The plant is about 90 cm tall and 45-60 cm to 60-90 cm wide depending on the size of the tuber. It blooms profusely and abundantly. The flowers are attractive to butterflies and other insects.

Interestingly, Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico and was named after Dr. Andrew Dahl, a Swedish botanist. Dahlia (Dahlia) was first brought to Europe from Mexico. It was originally grown in the Botanical Garden in Madrid. From there it spread throughout Europe. Both Great Britain and Holland have been largely responsible for breeding thousands of cultivars.

Yarra Falls dahlia looks good in the garden and in solitary or group plantings. It's also great for growing in containers and making bouquets. It will do well in any bright location. Tolerates a little penumbra as well. In addition, the planting place should be aired with warm air. Sprouted tubers should be planted outdoors in May or early June after the threat of a return frost has passed. The tubers should be planted in loose, fertile soil with a slightly acidic or neutral reaction. It can be planted in the middle or at the back of a flower bed. It is also suitable for creating a flower hedge (for this purpose the tubers are planted closer together than usual). The planting depth is 15 cm. The planting distance is 50 cm apart. The planting density is 1 to 5 tubers per square metre. Suitable for growing in containers of at least 12 litres. This variety is quite tall and will need to be tied. If the blooms are removed in good time, it will be possible to extend the flowering period.

Product Details ( Dahlia Yarra Falls )

More Information
Price per package€3,95
SubvarietiesDecorative Dahlias, Summer Flowering Bulb
Plant Height90-100 cm
Flower ColourPurple
Indoor plantNo
Suitable as cutting flowerYes
Hardiness ZoneZone 9-10
Leaf ColourGreen
Flowering MonthAugust

How to Plant ( Dahlia Yarra Falls )

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Product Reviews ( Dahlia Yarra Falls )

Count in package: 1 bulb/corm
Plant Size: 1st size
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Dahlia Yarra Falls
Dahlia Yarra Falls