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Double Early Tulips

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Double Early Tulip Bulbs in Landscape Design

Early double tulips are quite massive flowers. Double early tulip bulbs are often used in landscape design. They are planted near paths, gazebos, fences. These tulips can also be grown at home, in a flowerpot.

Early Double Tulips Description Double Early Tulips

If you want to know when and how long do double early tulips bloom, read the following information. Early double tulips have a low (10-30 cm), but strong peduncle that can withstand spring winds and rains. These tulips bloom in late April-early May. They have large flowers - 8-12 cm in diameter, and they bloom for about two weeks.

What Are the Best Double Early Tulip Bulbs Varieties?

Tulip Margarita is among the best double early tulip bulbs varieties. The color of the flower petals has a spectacular rich pink color. The height of the plant is small-20-30cm. The Tulip Margarita blooms in April – May.

Where to Buy Double Early Tulips?

You can buy double early tulips in one of the online stores. There are hundreds of stores on the Internet offering double early tulip bulbs for sale. Choose only reliable online stores!