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Peony Flowering Tulips

Peony Flowering Tulips
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Peony Flowering Tulip Bulbs for Your Garden

Peony flowering tulip can rightfully be considered the king of the garden. It amazes with a variety of shapes and colors. Plant breeders and amateur gardeners grow new, unusual varieties of peony tulips every year. Peony flowering tulips look fantastic in any landscape composition. It's better to plant peony flowering tulip bulbs of different flowering periods.

Peony-Flowering Tulips Description

Currently, the number of tulip species bred by plant breeders is more than 1.5 thousand. Double varieties similar to peonies are very popular. They appeared in 1613 and got the name peony flowering double tulips. It's all because they had a double corolla made up of several rows of petals. Peony-flowering tulips differ in height and flowering time (from two weeks to a month), as well as in shape and size (flowers can be from 9 to 16 cm). Peony Flowering Tulips

The Best Peony Flowered Tulip Bulbs Varieties

Here are the best peony flowered tulip bulbs varieties:

  • Tulip Sunlover is a yellow, peony-shaped flower. Its bud has a diameter of about 12 cm. The height of the peduncle is 45 cm. The tulip blooms in May.
  • Tulip Uncle Tom has huge double flowers that make this dark-red tulip look more like a peony. The plant height is 45 cm. The diameter of the bud is 8-10 cm. The tulip blooms in late spring, up to three weeks.

You can find peony tulips of different colors: red, yellow, orange, pink, and white peony tulips. Choose the color you like to create your perfect garden.

Where to Buy Peony Flowering Tulips?

Buy peony flowering tulips from the reliable online stores. There are a lot of them on the Internet. They provide their clients with qualitative peony-flowering tulip bulbs for sale.