Lilium Happy Memories

Count in package: 3 bulbs
Plant Size: 14/16
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Lilium Happy Memories

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Product Description ( Lilium Happy Memories )

Lilies are such beautiful flowers. They are simply indispensable in gardens and in bouquets. And this variety is no exception. The potted Asian lily Happy Memories will delight you with canary-coloured flowers with orange markings on the petals. It is a Dutch-bred lily.

Potted lilies make a great gift for your loved ones! These flowers are beautiful in every way. They are "super-fast" in growth and development, with excellent compact foliage and colourful flowers. Their bright, lush colours will attract everyone's attention.

Distinguishing characteristics:
Has a reputation as an ideal container plant.

Does not have any one particular quality but includes a number of attractive features: large, unusually coloured flowers, compact stature.

It will flower 65-70 days after planting.

The flowers are simple, six-petalled, bicoloured, up to 15cm in diameter.

The petals are finely mottled closer to the centre.

The peduncles are compact.

The leaves are sessile or petiolate, dark green, glossy.

They densely cover the flower stems and create a contrast to the flowers.

Like all lilies, it blooms for 4-6 weeks.

It does not require a large enough area and can be successfully grown even on the balcony and in the room.

This variety is also unique and useful in the flower bed.

It looks best when planted as a group in the foreground in borders and rockeries.

It is also suitable for greenhouse flowering (forcing period: slow).

Its frost hardiness is high.

Asiatic hybrids are easy to grow. They do not require much fussing around. When you plant the bulbs in pots, it is best to use a good quality soil mix. In order to get abundant blooms, add a slow-acting fertilizer when planting, or feed the plant with a liquid fertilizer every fortnight during flowering. Lilies like nutrients as much as they like moderate moisture during growth. So remember that pots have limited resources. A container with a diameter of 15 cm and a height of 25 cm can be used to plant 1-3 lily bulbs, either of the same variety or of different varieties. Distribute the bulbs so that they do not touch each other or the walls of the container. In the garden, simply plant your bulbs, fertilise in good time and enjoy the blooms.

In the garden, choose humus-rich, well-drained soils in a well-lit area. Remember that lilies appreciate a little shade in the afternoon, especially in climates with hot summers. Mulch the soil during the summer to help maintain moisture levels. Generally plant the bulbs to a depth that is approximately twice the height of the bulb. Large bulbs are planted about 15-20 cm deep and shallow bulbs are planted 10-15 cm deep. The approximate planting distance should be within 30 cm. Store the bulbs in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf or in a frost-free cellar until planting.

Note that these bulbs do not sleep after they have been dug up. Not at any time in their cycle. This is why they need to be refrigerated. It is probably best to plant them immediately, if possible, when you dig up your own varieties. Many people do this in late summer and autumn. Note that the number of buds depends directly on the size of the bulb. For example, a 14/16 lily bulb will produce 4-8 buds.

Product Details ( Lilium Happy Memories )

More Information
SubvarietiesAsiatic Lilies,Dwarf and Pot Lilies
Plant Height20-45 cm
Flower ColourBicolor
Indoor plantNo
Suitable as cutting flowerYes
Hardiness ZoneZone 4-5
Leaf ColourGreen
Flowering MonthJuly

How to Plant ( Lilium Happy Memories )

Guide and tips for planting bulbs and perennials

  • Choose quality bulbs and plants in our online store
  • Choose the right place in your garden
  • Choose the right time to plant
  • Plant bulbs and perennials deep enough
  • Position flowering bulbs with the top facing up
  • Give them good soil and fertilizer
  • Water them well
  • Enjoy the bloom

Delivery ( Lilium Happy Memories )

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Product Reviews ( Lilium Happy Memories )

Count in package: 3 bulbs
Plant Size: 14/16
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Lilium Happy Memories
Lilium Happy Memories