Lilium Stracciatella Event

Count in package: 3 bulbs
Plant Size: 14/16
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Lilium Stracciatella Event

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Product Description ( Lilium Stracciatella Event )

The lily is a flower that will be relevant in any plot. There are many varieties to choose from, but the Stracciatella Event Lily is so good that once you see it, there will be no hesitation about buying it. This variety belongs to the Asiatic lily family, which is highly decorative and easy to care for.

Appearance and scent
The Stracciatella Event Lily grows to a height of around 90-120cm and despite its size looks very compact and trim. The stems are straight and sturdy, providing a base for the oblong green foliage. During the flowering period the tops of the stems are covered by flower buds of incredible beauty, which open to become attractive 6-petalled flowers.

The inflorescence is quite lush and may contain up to 10 flowers. All flowers open in stages and each flowering period lasts about a week. Lily Stracciatella Event has a very unusual colour: its petals are dark cherry from the centre to the middle and turn white towards the edge.

Height of the plant: 90-120 cm.

Flower diameter: 10-15 cm.

Leaf colouring: green.

Flower colour: cherry white.

Flowering period: July to August.

The flowers have a very subtle, unobtrusive scent that is more noticeable at night.

Product Details ( Lilium Stracciatella Event )

More Information
Flower ColourBicolor
Indoor plantNo
Suitable as cutting flowerYes
Hardiness ZoneZone 4-5
Leaf ColourGreen
Flowering MonthJuly

How to Plant ( Lilium Stracciatella Event )

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  • Enjoy the bloom

Delivery ( Lilium Stracciatella Event )

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Product Reviews ( Lilium Stracciatella Event )

Count in package: 3 bulbs
Plant Size: 14/16
Lilium Stracciatella Event
Lilium Stracciatella Event