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Parrot Tulips

Parrot Tulips
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Parrot Tulip Bulbs for Your Garden

Parrot tulips are incredibly extravagant flowers with wavy petals that resemble the fancy plumage of exotic birds. These tulips amaze the gardeners with their bright colors and fill the garden with charm and joy. Parrot tulip bulbs are perfect for decorating curbs and paths. They look spectacular in flower beds, and large flower pots. The ideal "neighbours" for parrot tulips are:

  • They will accentuate the beauty of the flowers and protect them from the wind;
  • Humble flowers- bluebells, forget-me-nots;
  • Plants with decorative leaves - milkweeds, peonies.

Parrot Tulips Description Parrot Tulip Bulbs

The buds of parrot tulips reach 12 cm, and when they are fully opened – about 20 cm. A characteristic feature of this tulip is the curved petals, which really resemble the feathers of birds. The tulips are usually two-colored, but they can also be monochromic. According to modern classification, parrot varieties are considered to be late and medium-sized tulips. The height of the stem is 35-60 cm; they bloom from mid to late May.

The following information will be interesting for those who want to know how to care for parrot tulips. Parrot tulips should be planted in autumn. Choose the sunny or penumbra area. The soil should be rich in humus. Plant the bulbs immediately after purchase. In a drought, water the plants well. Parrot tulips don't require special care. After you see the first leaves, add the organic-mineral fertilizer.

What Are the Best Parrot Tulip Bulbs Varieties?

There are tulips of many colors among the best parrot tulip bulbs varieties.

  • The white parrot tulips are: White Parrot, Snow Parrot, Super Parrot;
  • The apricot parrot tulips are: Texas Gold, Apricot Parrot, Texas Flame;
  • The green parrot tulips are: Fantasy;
  • The blue parrot tulips are: Blue Parrot, Mysterious Parrot;
  • The red parrot tulips are: Rococo, Estella Rijnveld, Bird of Paradise.

Parrot tulips are lovely and unusual flowers that can beautify any garden. Their planting has its own peculiarities and differences, but if you follow the rules, you will grow the unique plants of various shades.

Where to Buy Parrot Tulips?

Buy parrot tulips only in large garden centers, or reliable online stores. The bulbs should be about 5 cm in diameter. If you want to order the tulip bulbs via the Internet, make sure that the online store you've chosen is reliable. Today hundreds of online stores offer parrot tulip bulbs for sale. But how can a person choose a trustworthy one? First of all, study the product range the store offers. Secondly, compare the prices in different stores. Thirdly, read the clients' reviews. They will help you to understand whether to deal with the store or not.

Parrot tulips are often used to beautify the gardens. Many beautiful floral ensembles are created with their help. Professional landscape designers use these flowers to decorate gardens, private homes' territories, and so on. They also look lovely in a vase.