Peony Paula Fay (Herbaceous)

Count in package: 1 bare root plant
Plant Size: 3/5 eyes
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Peony Paula Fay (Herbaceous)

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Product Description ( Peony Paula Fay (Herbaceous) )

The Milkflower Peony 'Paula Faye' is an early rose hybrid (although it is more commonly referred to as a variety). It was bred in America in 1988. Originator: Orville W. Fay. Bears the name of the breeder's sister-in-law. It is a real gem among peonies! It is well suited for bouquets. But beauty comes with age.

The Paula Fay semi-maxillary flower hides a certain mystery that one wants to unravel. The buds can reach a diameter of 35mm or so, which is quite large, blooming into attractive inflorescences measuring 12-16cm. Their colour is fondant pink. The number of petals in the flowers will increase as 'Paula Faye' gets older. The stems are thick and strong and the flowers are odourless, like most hybrid peonies.

It was bred in America in 1988.

Their colour is fondant pink.

It is well suited for bouquets.

The inflorescences measure 12-16cm.

It does best in full sun. It is enchanting due to its lush blooms. It grows at a low rate. It takes about two years for the plant to take root well. Afterwards, it 'reaches' its greatest beauty. Under ideal conditions, you can expect this strain to last for around 20 years. The division and propagation of the shrubs, if necessary, should only be done in autumn. If you've never planted a peony before, don't worry. You'll be fine!

Product Details ( Peony Paula Fay (Herbaceous) )

More Information
SubvarietiesSemi Double Peonies, Perennial Plant
Plant Height60-90 cm
Flower ColourPink
Indoor plantNo
Suitable as cutting flowerYes
Hardiness ZoneZone 3-4
Leaf ColourGreen
Flowering MonthJune

How to Plant ( Peony Paula Fay (Herbaceous) )

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Product Reviews ( Peony Paula Fay (Herbaceous) )

Count in package: 1 bare root plant
Plant Size: 3/5 eyes
Peony Paula Fay (Herbaceous)
Peony Paula Fay (Herbaceous)